Luther’s Back

The second series of BBC’s Luther started last night with Idris Alba returning as the title character Detective Chief Inspector John Luther. Creator Neil Cross has said that Luther is influenced by both Sherlock Holmes and Columbo: The nature of Luther’s intellect and its application to solving crimes is comparable to Holmes’s, whereas the show’s use of the “inverted detective format” (wherein the audience is aware of the identity of the criminals but not of how they will be caught, as opposed to the conventional format of the audience discovering the criminal as the characters do) was inspired by Columbo. Last night’s opening episode kicked off with a brilliant start to this new four-part series. The show opened with Luther playing Russian roulette in his down-trodden little flat. The gun fails and he heads out of the door and off to work. Luther’s state of mind is clearly still disturbed and plagued by the memories of the death of his ex-wife.

Now in a new division called Serious and Serial, Luther returns to the office handling some very serious and even serial cases. There were two plots of the week: the first involved a serial killer called Mr Punch who goes around the streets of London strangling pretty young women and slicing their throats in from of CCTV cameras. The other plot line of the week followed his attempts to find the daughter of a criminal whose family life he apparently upended. The mother asks Luther to find her daughter, who is now a sex worker who will be appearing in some lovely simulated rape videos.

The start to this second series is brilliant and very fast-paced. If you’re going to join us fellow fans do watch the first series to understand the second. There are many questions to be answered in this episode especially the bit where he throws an apple over the wall of the mental hospital to his side-kick Alice, played by Ruth Wilson, one of TV’s newest and most devious villains. The two have developed a mutual admiration for each other that bordered on the psychotic. I’m looking forward to the next episode next week. Idris is brilliant and if rumours are true about a possible film version of Luther, I definitely will 100% be up for watching that in the cinema’s.

According to the BBC website Idris Elba says he would love to make a film version of the BBC One drama series.  He told Newsbeat: “Ultimately I’d like to see Luther on the silver screen. I think it’s got the scope to do something like that. The audience really wanted to see more episodes but I don’t think that’s the way to go personally.”Elba said writer Neil Cross felt the same way about the detective series and so the decision was made to change the format of the show instead. He said: “We feel if we take it, we make bigger storylines, bigger nemeses, badder characters and then stretch the storylines out a little bit it gives us a bit more scope with the episodes. “We wanted to change the format just to train the audience to expect something different from Luther. This season we’re changing the storylines, so we’re spreading one storyline over two episodes and we’ve got two stories to share.” Viewers of series one, which aired last May and June, saw the troubled detective go on the run after being accused of murder. The explosive ending left many loose ends for the character to tie up, which Elba says the writers are in no hurry to fix. He said: “We definitely left the audience with the obvious classic line, what’s next? When we come back in this season we don’t actually answer the questions immediately. We want to keep you guessing. When we come back in the new season Luther has moved on. It’s probably about six months after the last time we saw him and some things have changed. Or has it?”

The 38-year-old Londoner, who’s also known for his portrayal of Stringer Bell in HBO’s The Wire, admitted that despite his success, he still has his sights set high. “I’m really ambitious,” he said. “That’s one of the things that I always tell people, is to never to squash your ambitions. Even if you dream for the stars and you hit the moon, you’re getting there. My ambition is to just keep on going. After Luther 2 comes out, maybe I’ll do another Luther on the TV but the big idea is to go onto the big screen and take it bigger. But stay in London.”

Fingers crossed we’ll be seeing him on the big screen very soon!


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