Stars shrinking before our eyes won’t get my vote. It’s curves all the way

What is the ongoing obsession with being a size zero? It’s unattractive and bad for your health. It seems everyone wants to be on some extreme diet. If it’s not the juice diet its a drinking coffee only diet or no carbs or just water. Thanks but no thanks. I’m a happy size 12 and honestly won’t be dropping any pounds to please anyone. My boyfriend loves me the way I am and I love the way I am. I don’t have a washboard stomach (I’d love one but honestly I’m a little lazy and I just don’t give a crap), I have curves and think women should just celebrate that and love themselves for who they are. We all have something that we’d love to change about ourselves and by Joe do I have a list of body imperfections that I’d love to change but I’m petrified of going under the knife and looking like plastic Jordan big boobs or heck that Heidi nobody from The Hills. I don’t wanna be fake and that’s fine by me. Most of my friends are gorgeously curvy and love the way they are. They all say they can’t believe they fell for that diet crap that some gossip magazine published to be in with a chance of that size 8 beach buff body and try and love themselves for being more skinnier. All I say to that is sod that.

Recently reading my guilty pleasures of uber crap gossip magazines where they are write the same la-de-da, articles of Angelina Jolie drinking only coffee where her skinny and gaunt appearance makes her look much older than her 36 year old self is shocking. She says she’s been busy, so busy she can’t have a sandwich and been living on 10 cups of coffee instead. Reports suggest 5ft 7″ Ange has plummeted to below 7 stonne giving her a BMI (Body Max Index) of just 15.3 making her ridiculously under-weight. The normal BMI range of being healthy is 18.5-25. She needs help-fast. Ange, mum of siz, began to look emaciated at the Cannes Film Festival and it became even more noticeable on May 23 when she and Brad Pitt attended the LA premiere of her new animated flick. Angelina’s black Michael Kors ensemble hung on her frail frame and showed off her veiny arms.

I’m totally loving Italian Vogue at the moment, who the other week put two fingers up to the fashion world people who believe super-skinny is the way to go by featuring 3 stunning curvy beauties on their July issue cover.The move comes as editor Franca Sozzani continues to campaign against pro-anorexia websites. And rather than hide their figures in floaty dresses, or cut them off at the waist, Sozzani proudly features Tara Lynn, Candice Huffine and Robyn Lawley in their underwear. The editor has been busy collecting signatures for a petition to shut down websites encouraging eating disorders. She said: ‘Fashion has been always blamed as one of the culprits of anorexia, and our commitment is the proof that fashion is ready to get on the frontline and struggle against the disorder.’ Sozzani has also promised to feature more plus-sized models in the future.

She said: ‘Why should these women slim down? ‘Many of the women who have a few extra kilos are especially beautiful and also more feminine.’ Tara has been making a name for herself, starring in H&M’s Big is Beautiful campaign and has appeared in in Elle, V magazine and Glamour. The last time a plus-size model featured on the cover of Vogue was Sophie Dahl – before she dropped 15lbs from a size 14.

By nature women’s magazines are a contradictory bunch, espousing the virtues of body love one minute and telling us about the latest celebrity fad diet, or publishing pictorial spreads of ‘super-skinny stars’, the next.Being healthy should always be our priority and shouldn’t be sidetracked by the mass media that losing pounds to look like the super-skinny celebs out there is the way to go. It’s a cliche but, in the case of magazines in particular, pictures speak much louder than words. I think magazines should show women with the real womanly curves we were given than the negative body-images shoved in our faces and giving teenagers and young girls the wrong images. It’s not acceptable or normal. The message we should be giving to youngsters is love the skin you’re in, whatever shape or size and not let bad body images ruin the ideal of what is the real ideal of a woman’s body shape.


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