It’s All About The Ex-Factor

It was splashed all over the papers over recent weeks that, rumour has it Cheryl Cole is getting back with dip-shit ex-husband Ashley Cole. Pals, family and fans are all urging and hoping this isn’t true, hoping that the Geordie sweetheart won’t rekindle her romance with him. It seems to be the case that now her life has fallen to pieces, the walls collapesed around her and she’s no longer centre of attention and limelight, what better way to be at the top spot that going back out with her ex-husband! It’s been reported since this whole hoo-ha that Cheryl was axed from the US X Factor, she’s been spending more and more time with Ashley, leaving just about everyone peeved and wondering just why-oh-why she would lower herself that deep.

Honestly I’m not a massive Cheryl fan, but I did think she was uber cool for sticking two fingers up to her ex husband and demanding a divorce. I thought it was great that she did what any other sane woman would do and leave him to carry on being like that kid in a sweet shop with girls throwing themselves at them.Not like those other WAGs who honestly are staying with their partners for fame and money. Look at Abbey Clancy, Colleen Rooney and Teri Poole. Those girls stayed with their partners even though they knew their partner’s wouldn’t change but a million in their bank accounts, endless shopping sprees to Cricket and Selfridges would be a massive dampener to their oh so perfect barbie lives. Stacey Giggs became the latest WAG to cling to her fella after discovering the Man Utd ace had been playing away. Ryan Giggs was outed on Twitter after trying to gag the Press. It was later revealed that, as well as a fling with Big Brother beauty Imogen Thomas, he had an eight-year affair with his brother Rhodri’s wife Natasha. Ryan and Stacey have now gone into hiding in a Mediterranean villa to try and save their shattered marriage. Honestly do these girls think that the shopping trips, flash cars and unlimited gold credit cards will buy happiness?

Cheryl seems to have fallen for Ashley’s promises saying he definitely won’t f*ck up again. Sure. He’s apparently been begging her for months to give her another chance. promising this time it will be different. It seems now that Cheryl’s career has had a serious knock, she’s feeling it’s time to start thinking about possibly having a baby, starting a family and all that jazz. What better way than doing so with Ashley. This is bound to end in tears, not the fantasy life Chezza is counting on. I get that the past month has been crap, being axed from the US X Factor, with press splashing the humiliating news that her Geordie accent was hard for American viewers to understand all over international press. Big fail. But don’t yourself up for a bigger, almighty fail with that douche bag.

I’m trying to think of a millions reasons why Cheryl is going back with Ashley. If rumours are true. Sod the rumours, we all know what’s gonna happen. If this is because of her need to have children and start a family, do correct me if I’m wrong, there is more than one man in this world, why did she have to choose him. So I’ve come to the conclusion something terribly crap must have happened when she was a child for her to crave the attention soooo much and ignore concerned loved one. From my under5standing Cheryl’s dad left home when she was 11years old. It seems to be the only reason that I can think of for her to run back to her ex. She’s 1/5th of girl band Girl’s Aloud, launched a successful solo career, the face of L’Oreal because by God she was worth it for doing what all the rest should of done and is a multi-millionairess. There goes female empowerment. I can’t understand what the big attraction is apart from the ££££££££. This whole saga annoyingly enough feels like a game set up already by her PR team or the once happy couple to catapulte her to solo stardom and reap in the benefits from every Tom, Dick and Harry. Have you noticed the one little thing Cheryl has kept? Her surname Cole. I mean Tweedy isn’t all that great but why still be associated with him if you’ve been divorced no matter how much more hotter Cole sounds in comparison to Tweedy.

Cheryl was the one WAG that was different to all the others, that I most respected and loved her for. She left because her lifestyle, ugly mutts and expensive designer clothes/handbags were all made by her own doing not through kicking a ball in a net, goal whatever you call it. Abbey Clancy is now married to rubbish-robot-dancing-giant Peter Crouch because where else is the expensive lifestyle going to come from. She wasn’t anything but a small time model whose skinny looks and horse like features drove us all to wonder why she’d date such a lamp post in the first place. Oh and there’s Coleen Rooney. School girl turned TV presenter and face of LittleWoods (go you!) whose Shrek-looking husband slept with prostitutes whilst she was pregnant with his child. By lord it’s not because of their looks.. God no. Rather their bank balances, status, million-pound magazine deals/weddings, engagement rings, reality shows and commercial endorsements thanks to just being one half of that celeb couple.

It just goes to show the message these barbies give out. All the young females out there that have their hopes cast on having a great career and finding a partner now have their hopes dashed coz it’s totally fine to just marry a footballer, spend his cash, cash in on fame and let him walk all over you like a piece of dirt. So much for RESPECT. Once a cheater, always a cheater. He should be shown the door and never allowed back in. He’s never going to change, no matter what the promises are. It’s disappointing to read how a 28yo woman can fall for his lies. He’s a footballer for Pete’s sake. Hopefully she’ll see the real him before it’s too late and she’s got no one to turn to. If it is too late, don’t be surprised when we all turn around and say “I hate to say, we told you so.