£6,510.90 I could’ve bought a Mini Cooper with that

I’ve been meaning to do it for a while. I’ve been promising it. Promising myself, friends and family for a oooh, good few years now. I’ve even convinced myself that by not doing it all the time and just at weekends, I shouldn’t be classified as a full-blown addict. But thinking about it, smoking is addictive. I’ve smoked for 6 years now and it’s a truly disgusting habit. Something I should never have started nor continued throughout the years. But, being a naïve teenager and thinking it was super cool to do it, I joined my group of friends and happily smoked as much as I could to my hearts’ content. To calculate it, I’ve smoked on average 15 per day which in a year is a gross 5,475 cigarettes per year. A whopping 32,850 in 6 years. That’s rank. But then, that’s not including the ridiculous amount I’ve smoked socially out and about town with mates or on holiday whilst having a big party.

I’m writing this blog as a way to help me kick the habit and become a super fit (or heck just fit) person where a glass of Pinot doesn’t have to be accompanied by a load of Mayfair cigarettes. I want to quit for my health and my bank balance. My doctor, friends and mainly my mum (with family) all moan at me for smoking whilst having Asthma. Ok yeah, I know what you’re gonna say.. smoking whilst asthmatic is a barmy idea and one that proves rather ridiculous. It’s a death trap. An asthma attack waiting to happen. Believe me, my mum has been going on about it for years. My bank balance has been severely affected. A 10 pack of Mayfair cigarettes in my local newsagent costs £3.11, that’s £21.77 per week or £1,135.15 per year. Over the past 6 years I’ve smoked through a staggering £6,510.90 worth of cigarettes. GROSS. I could’ve bought that mini cooper I desperately wanted for that. So, I’ve decided on a new health pact one I know that doing it by myself won’t work. I don’t have the attention span for it. But bringing in my social networks of friends and followers will give me the power to kick this foul habit up the backside and make me a healthier new me as soon as possible.

I’m going to do it cold turkey. I’ve tried the Nicotine gum and it’s like licking the inside of an ashtray repeatedly until my chest feels like it’s about to cave it. I need the motivation. That’s where all you lovely peeps come in. I want everyone to help me kick it and be smoke free. I’ve tried quitting in the past and my longest without a cigarette was 3 months but a semi-relaxing holiday in Thailand and the fact the cigarettes were only a quid each, I soon quickly started smoking again.  So far I’ve managed to not smoke as much since the weekend. I’ve been saying for bloomin’ ages that I’d quit every Monday for the past year. I even made a ridiculous 5am vow with my best mate on New Years Day that this was it for the tobacco sticks forever. To be honest, it was a vow we both made after we both had celebrated the new year getting a little too jolly with heaps of booze. So far neither of us have done better than a few hours. Pretty crap.

I’m going to document all my days/weeks of my struggles, highs and lows of quitting the stickly buggers to mask a new healthy me. If you see me reach for a cigarette I give you full permission to through a shoe (if you have one spare) at my head.

To hears to the new me. I’m going to start and be brilliant at it. Well I hope. I don’t want to quit being a quitter, but I am looking to see how social media might help me quit.