Lady of Leisure

For 3 weeks now, I’ve been what some would call a ‘lady of leisure‘ whilst others may call it appropriately a ‘bum.’ Well sod you if you’re the latter. I’ve enjoyed doing sweet FA for the past few weeks and its been cool, fun, relaxing and just darn awesome. Here are some gloriously cool reasons why:

  1. The feeling of getting up in the morning not to an alarm clock but when you just can’t sleep anymore.
  2. When you can go out (night and day) and not have to worry about it affecting your work day the next morning.
  3. Jumping up and down in your room with the music blasting, using your hairbrush as your microphone.
  4. Doing what the hell you want just because you can.
  5. Watching pointless and totally crap TV like Jeremy Kyle (even though it’s a shite program), Come Dine With Me (only for Dave Lamb he’s bloody awesome) and Channel 5 movies at 3.15pm because well yeah.

I’ve enjoyed it. I’ve partied. It’s been one long party. Now I think it’s enough. Problem with being a ‘Lady of Leisure’ is that although you can do what the heck you want and live life to the fullest, it’s not as fun when you’re all on your lonesome. There is literally only so much you can do by yourself. Weekends become a bore and the excitement for anything like it dies down. Whilst everyone else jumps up and down about the thought of their weekend approaching, I just get bored of the prospect. It’s just another few days off added to the weeks off I’ve had already. Whilst friends moan at my ‘freedom’ I wish I was filling my days with something a little more fulfilling than Dickinson’s Real Deal. So, I’m gonna blog, with all my heart on my daily fun stuff. The ups and downs, the music blasting to what’s hot and what’s not in my pretty chilled-assed life right now. Don’t mind if I do. Bear with me.



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