The problems with buses

If like me, you’ve come across plenty of times when you’re waiting for what seems a millennium for a bus these days you’ll understand the dying urge to get home rather quickly. Very few times have I encountered such a thing, when a bus driver drives quicker than a shooting star to my destination. Today is not that day.

I’m on the bus. Problem: its slow and annoyingly moving slower than a rare breed of snail stuck on glue. Thus proving the chances of me getting to my destination in rocket speed is unlikely. However I have Twitter, comical tales from email and work to laugh over and a vision of a glass of wine to soon be in my hand. That alone sends gives me a smile worth smiling about. I may even jump off the buss like Tigger does when I get to the other end. A bouncy bouncy thought that makes me squeal to myself in delight.

I sometimes get myself overly annoyed about the problems with the TFL that can stretch from the double decker bus to the underground and whole-heartedly haven’t complained about it as much as I have done in recent weeks. Yes I moan about the constant fiasco that is the National Rail, but I assume its because Isleworth is just not as up-to-date as Richmond or Clapham as I might have hoped. If the buses can’t perform on a regular basis how in sweet magnolia are they going to cope when the world arrives on our doorstep for the Olympics? Saying that, how will the whole of the transport network cope with it? Something maybe I should question when it happens. For the moment, thinking only of passing buildings and that large glass of vino are the only thoughts I should and will now concentrate on to make this journey quicker. It’s like I can taste the sweet rose already-just wait Dannii, it will happen soon.


New meets new and so forth

Its funny how life goes. You meet people, even for a short while but some will make an impact like you wouldn’t believe. I say this as I listen to Josh Ritter (yes I’m sad) but -and it’s a big but- today we aka the October team wish Fiona, our office manager to a new beginning and it got me thinking. Although we will see each other again, it makes those short times count. I met Fiona when she briefed me on the -soon-would-be-mine role over 7 weeks ago and she’s made such an impact in such a short space of time.

Time flies. Sometimes, without us even wanting to acknowledging it. We live our lives meeting people, having a laugh and just having fun but actually it’s those people that make your world go round. Yes we have friends from school and friends we meet at the local boozer or for a coffee at such bean shop but all in all it’s the people that we meet along the way that make a difference, however big or small, that make us live our lives and think ‘hell friggin hell yeah’ that we do what we do and live our lives how we want to.

How or why we don’t acknowledge it, is beyond me. All I can say is, life changes. We meet who we meet and have fun/laughs/jokes/not-so-jokes along the way and remember that actually this is what life is supposed to be. It isn’t about worry. It isn’t about fretting. It isn’t about thinking into much of whatever crap. It’s about living your life and meeting whoever along the way and enjoying to the full. Coz if you don’t, one day, you’ll look back and think why the hell didn’t I live my life, when I had it in my grasp. Lived my life with all these awesomely amazing people. Instead of worrying. How about, sod/f*ck that off and enjoy. It’s so much more fun knowing you’ve lived life, than not.