What Do You Love?

Zaggaro HotPants have released a great video promoting their new campaign of “What Do You Love?” Sunny Midha presents this great video showcasing what the ladies of the video love. The video is inspired by all of the things that you love, inspiration for being active whether it be cake, champagne or chocolate. This is the first fitness music video by Zaggora, the sports brand with Zaggora Hotpants and the Zaggora Challenge.

The Facebook page has already gained 265k fans and 208k hits on YouTube already. The competition asks the audience what you love, by sharing your interests with Zaggora you’re in with a chance of winning a pair of Levi’s everyday. Not bad. Zaggora is a new sports brand focused on offering high impact, technology enabled, clothing. The brand has iconic products such as Hotpants that maximise results (and time) for all customers with a focus on an interactive experience.

So will I actually lose any weight by buying a pair? Probably not but if the music on the YouTube clip is anything to go by, I might just step up my exercise routine. Keyword in that sentence is *might.*


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