This Morning Rant is Aimed at MacDonalds. Yes, MacDonalds.

Dear MacDonald’s,

Why is it in your Warren Street (134 Tottenham Court Road) restaurant, your staff repeatedly forget to add Philadelphia cream cheese with your bagels? I’m partial to a bagel every now and again from your restaurant for a breakfast snack with my morning tea but this is the 6th time members of your staff fail to register that ‘Cream Cheese & Bagel’ means exactly that not one without the other. I don’t have time to check in the morning to see if your staff have the basic knowledge to add a simple ingredient to a meal.

Doesn’t my bagel look tasty…?

What can be done about it? I love MacDonald’s and don’t want to complain but it’s extremely frustrating. I will eat this bagel without cream cheese this morning with a sour face. I hope one of your team comes back with a pretty uplifting message to brighten up what will now be a pretty shit day.

Yours faithfully,