I’m trying to be good

I’m trying to be good. Doing all that no drinking during the week and all that jazz. The funny thing is none of my friends believe or trust me that I’ll do it. Lovely hey. Just plain mean. Of course I can go without alcoholic beverages during the week in-between weekends. What do you take me for? I am capable.

But friends who know me and friends who don’t have expressed their views that I won’t be able to cope, even if there are events coming up that I need to go to. I can always do a mocktail. It can happen. Think of the weight I’ll lose. Think of the pounds I’ll save and think of the way I’ll feel at the end of the week for my great achievement. By joe, I think it deserves an award. Godammit, it bloody should.

I’m supposed to meet my best friend in the pub this evening. I’m thinking start off with a mug of tea (not jug of wine) and swiftly move on to a juice. Juice is always refreshing. Am I tempted by the bottle of wine, best mate is planning of shoving in front of my face to tease me? No. I’m not. I’m going to be good. Go me. Goodness is always better.

So what did my lovely best mate say of all things just now on Facebook, a great sport she is:

Thanks Beth.

Let’s see how long I can do it without cracking. But thanks for the support Beth.