I’m going home today.

Just had the news I’ve waited 4 days for. I’M GOING HOME TODAY!!! So happy, so chuffed. Good bye food, goodbye coughs, plurting, pukey people, goodbye neon lights and scary wards and hello home time. In less than 10 minutes I’ll be discharged. Can not wait at all.

Puts a dampener though on who are staying here. Since I was moved again last night to the respiratory ward, the staff are nicer, speak way better English are are more attentive. The food seems to be nicer too:

A la jacket potato with spinach ravioli and carrots. Tasted quite nice actually. Loved the ice cream. Going to miss out on jelly when I leave tonight -damn. No more jelly and ice cream when I go home. Need proper food to get my energy up. Bah.

But my neighbours will be staying including the teenager opposite. She’s here over Christmas. She’s been here 4 months and I get her attitude. What 19 year old waiting on a pancreas transplant with bad diabetes wants to spend their life in here when only her nan out of all her family can come down to visit? It must be terrifying for her and my views are nothing in what she’s feeling. It took 3 doctors an hour to find a vein in her body before putting it into her ankle. Ouch. She swore, shed a tear then rolled over. Bravery comes in all forms.

What I’ll miss from here:

The cup holders:

These little blue beaker handle things make me feel like a child again. I want one for home. Makes me feel special that I can drink an array of drinks with it. From tea, apple juice, orange juice and hold it….water! Ha ha I know. Who knew?!

My bed:

It moves. Up down, up up down. Down, down, up, down, up, down, up up up up and level.

Jelly and Ice cream:
Who doesn’t like it? A sweet treat every night just cause.

What I won’t miss:

Not being able to sleep:

Neon bright lights, patients making weird noises at night, the wandering patients walking round, the chitter chatter of the nurses at their station.

The food;


The non Christmas Spirit:

Where’s the Christmas cheer? Where’s the mistletoe, Christmas trees?

That’s all folks.

This will be the last time I’ll be writing or moaning about my experience here, so huge sign of relief from you all.

Ciao. 🙂


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