The Great Social Media Customer Service Race

Going on from my post about the catastrophe over the bagel incident a few months back, lots of people have been complaining about brands and their lack of interest in replying to consumers online. Ignoring social media mistakes and complaints is a huge mistake. It’s crazy that so many brands are bigging themselves up online but fail to recognize the more important matter to hand and that is the consumer. Failing to engage with consumers online means bad news for brands, bad bad news. Despite the risks posed by ignoring complaints, the RightNow survey shows that four out of five consumer complaints about a poor customer experience are ignored. It’s a mind boggle that brands fail to engage with consumers. We’re the ones that make them money, keep them afloat and all that jazz. Perhaps they think that there’s no upside to such conversations.The RightNow study shows that answering complaints can change attitudes. 21% of the complaints DID get a response, and more than half the customers had positive reactions to the same company or brand they had been blasting not long before. When customers received a response to their complaint, 46% were pleased. And, even more surprising, 22% actually posted a positive comment about the company or brand.

Last year a research project led by a CRM analyst revealed some serious issues with customer service practices from top brands. The project found that decision makers weren’t doing enough to guide social CRM systems in a way that best serves their businesses. This great infographic shows how long, on average it took the brand to get back to the customer.

Have you had any problems with brands and not heard back to them when you’ve complained using social media? I’d be interested to hear your stories.


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