Home Alone

So I said to myself, tonight is the night I’m going to chill. Because, heck chilling is what I need to do, especially when this week has been so hectic. Good hectic, not crazy madness hectic, but then again how can you define hectic without actually being, in fact hectic? Hmm. Anyway, tonight is the night I’m supposed to be chillaxing. It’s very hard to switch off when you have a phone that beeps every few seconds with another notification from the various social media networking sites I’m with. Very hard. So the plan was to drink tea, sit in my reasonably unattractive onesie, watch a few movies and get a reasonably good night sleep. Of that plan, I’ve so far had half a cup of tea, am sitting in my very unattractive onesie, having had a chance to sleep early because look at the time it’s nearly midnight and the movie choices I’ve stuck with tonight won’t guarantee a deep peaceful sleep. Instead my master plan of a few easy watches was instead slapped aside for spine-tingling thrillers and so far [although I’ve watched it a gazillion times] I’m watching The Bone Collector with a whole bunch of other movies that will guarantee more a keep the light on rather than snooze woozy sleep sleep.

Now all I keep thinking as I see the gorgeous Angelina Jolie [don’t worry I’m still Team Aniston ALL THE WAY] as she and Denzel Washington try to solve this mystery, is I’m home alone and lordy lou something is going to happen. Well done me. So I’m going to stay up with the light on.


God I’m just a big kid.




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