Ha, found this from last year.. made me laugh and thought I should share it with you all. Ah, crazy times.

Love or Hate Them Like Marmite

There is always one. The one that doesn’t get nor understand that never actually means never. They think that it’s an equivalent to a near yes and somehow the ‘never’ and ‘NO’ will one day be more that just friends. It won’t happen. Ever. He’s the friend that you put up with because he’ll always be a friend to you. But he’ll always want more. He’ll even try and convince what you have is special and no one else can share this special bond that you both do, even though there is no bond.

This is my case. I’ve known him since he was yay high, that little nipper stage when he used to run round with my cousin and smoke weed in the local park, zoom round like a super uncool teenager on his moped (that looked like a motorbike but wasn’t- something to do with age) and try…

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