Over 1/2 of Justin Beiber’s Followers are Fake; Ha ha

Not that I give the slightest bit of damn about him but Justin fecking Bieber’s Twitter account has been revealed to have almost 1/2 of his followers are fake accounts, according to a new report. The singer was crowned the most-followed person on Twitter earlier this year, but new data shows that a majority of his followers aren’t real accounts. Sheer brilliance. So whilst all those tweenie boppers who support the doofus can clear off with him being the number dude to follow on Twitter. Around 45% of his followers have been classed fake, meaning they are following less than 50 accounts, have less than one follower and have never tweeted themselves. It wouldn’t surprise me, if some PR attention-seeking twat is out there making up accounts paid for by the teenager himself. 

SocialBakers, the user friendly social media analytics platform has found the top Twitter accounts that have fake fans and Justin Bieber is up there right at the top. Meaning technically his actual follower count is more in the 17.2 million region than the 37 million everyone is believing it to be. 

SocialBakers define this by the following criteria:

  • The account is following less than 50 people and has less than one follower
  • More than 30% of all tweets use spam phrases, such as “diet,” “make money,” and “work from home”
  • The same tweets are repeated more than three times, even when posted to different accounts
  • More than 90% of the account´s tweets are retweets
  • More than 90% of tweets are links and the profile has a following: followers ratio of 7: 1 or more. This means the profile is following 7 users while only being followed by 1.
  • The account has never tweeted
  • The account is more than two months old and still has a default profile image

Bieb’s isn’t the only one with fake followers. Lady ‘I must sit in a gold wheelchair for no reason’ GaGa also has been revealed to have 19 million followers instead of 35.9 million.

Just makes me laugh. 


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