Hands up all you snooze alarm people… time is about to change [infographic]

Are you a morning person? Or are you a hit the snooze button, till it’s dead, kind-of-arm-workout person? I’m generally the latter. I’d rather have an extra few minutes in bed that get up and eat the most important meal of the day. Who can be arsed with eating when there is valuable minutes to enjoy sleeping in bed? I can quite happily stay in bed a little longer, get up, run into the shower, get dressed and make myself look presentable in a short period, when I know I need to get to work in a short space of time. Technically I should be a morning person. I should be a get up, make something of this world, kind of girl but snoozing some more is a tad more attractive some days. Agree or disagree?

This infographic by Greatest, the trusted health & fitness source for the young, savvy, and social, helps you become that all important, healthy morning person that you need to be in the morning.


Do You Fall Under One Of These 16 College Students? I Want To Know [infographic]

I saw this infographic earlier and thought I would share it with you all. It reflects on the people you’re most likely to find at College and it made me giggle so I thought, sod it, see if I’m not the only one who have seen these people at school and ask you to comment below.

I remember when I was at college, God that feels like time ago, I was 16 and trying to be really cool. I wasn’t. I was a total doofus that no one could remember my name and thought on my first day of college, I could try and be somewhat cool by wearing thee most unflattering bright pink baggy trousers. I was known to the whole college and anyone who lived within close range of the campus as Pink Trousie Girl. That was my name. Beautiful… hey? I thought I was seriously cool. People knew me as that and instead of bothering to learn my name, a nice and easy ‘Dannii,’ Pink Trousie Girl was here to stay.

Looking back, I can see why no one bothered to learn my name. They were a seriously unattractive pair of trousers that I had spent a stupid amount of my money on to sweep the streets of Hounslow in. Beauty at its best. They were bright pink. You know, the sort of pink that in the pitch black darkness of the night, I would be stopped like a blinking bicycle safety person. They had these tassels that hung down from both leg sides and pockets, you’d think that I was into bondage and would tie myself up for the fun of it. I can’t think for the life of me why they were there in the first place. I spent most of my first year trying to sow the bastard things back on or safety pinning them into a new layer of clothing I had to attach for all the rips I was getting in them on a monthly basis. From no one knowing my name or anyone bothering to accept who I was, I was a bit of a loner. I had a few friends at the college but they had their group of friends and my new fame from the trousers didn’t help my popularity rating so I became friends with the dark, cool and individual crowd. You know the ones who have their own unique style. They’re not part of any clothes-wearing group but they are part of the drama group or moody bunch but look much older than they are and are actually pretty cool.


I think my only claim to being any sort of cool was when people actually started wearing the monstrous trousers in public after Liberty X and Britney Spears wore them in some video. I like to claim and hand-over-my-heart feel that the people of Isleworth and Hounslow wore the trousers because of me. I’m clearly still a loser.

The below infographic annoyingly doesn’t have the student type group I fell under but the 16 that are mentioned below are given a clap because they are true. So well done E Campus for the infographic.

Which college student do you fall or under or did at school, I want to know :]