The ‘Other’ Inbox – the portal to the underground

My ‘other’ inbox in Facebook is full of some random things. Spam, messages of love, invitations for marriage, dates, prize messages, ‘You’ve won the lottery’ and special discounts on the latest Viagra tablets and so forth. It’s all a little strange. Digital Trends, a digital and technology reviews website, posted an article by Katie Knibbs, a writer from Chicago, last week about Facebook’s feature, the ‘other’ inbox. It’s seriously a portal of weird beings who just exist to irritate. Knibbs identified the main categories of the weird aliens who contact you.

They are:

  • The ‘confused friends who don’t know how to add you’
  • Event updates
  • Page updates
  • The creepers
  • The spammers

I honestly never had taken a notice until a notification pinged up onto my iPhone that I had a message from John Clive.  A 50 something year old dude who clearly hasn’t heard the word ‘perv.’ John Clive messaged me this:



There are a few things wrong with this.

First off, my name is not pretty, therefore you won’t find it under the English Dictionary with my picture attached. I have a name for a reason. Please do your research John, before you contact me.

Secondly, ‘I feel so good and secured after going through your profile’ – that’s not stalkerish AT ALL. I know for a fact my profile isn’t available to the masses. I know I have a public profile but only so much can be viewed across it. It freaks me out that there is a right weirdo out there getting off on my profile, if he’s even doing that. Still freaky though.

Thirdly, ‘can we get to know each other?’ No, is the answer to that. I really don’t want to know anymore about you.

I checked out his profile and it confirms it. He’s a bit of a loser. He’s from America, wouldn’t at all be bad looking if I passed him in the street, has a few photo’s of him larking around or posing by a lamp post but has a rather proud ‘look at me’ moment, kneeling next to a rather large, I’m pretty sure it’s dead, turkey, smiling proudly into the camera with his prize.

I don’t know about you, but generally when random stuff is posted to you online, you tend to either ignore it or throw it to the sheep end into the trash/spam folder. This, I’m just amazed it has the response to it, like it has.

I asked the guys in my office and they were generally surprised they even had a ‘other’ inbox and the rest were amused by the message John had sent me. My colleague Olly, jumped through the air when he found 89 messages within his ‘other’ folder, where most of the messages consisted of spam and he won something on a caption contest back in December and he’s missing out on his £10 Amazon voucher. How exciting.

To access your “hidden” inbox, click on the “Messages” link on the left-hand side of your Facebook home page. From there, you should see a sub-option—called “Other“—pop up under Messages or situated next to your “inbox” option. Click that to see your other messages.

Have you had a weird experience with your ‘other’ inbox? I’m interested to hear your responses.