Morning Rant: People on public transport, are they from a different world?


What is it with people on public transport that turns them into complete morons? This morning I got onto the train thinking that it would be a good day. Instead it was a journey of hell rather than fun. There are some thing in life that are simply unexplainable. This, this morning is most definitely one of them.

Picture this; get on the train, the cool air-conditioned carriage, put in your earphones and lie back, head resting on the semi-comfortable red passenger seats. It’s only a 25 minute train journey. We love sitting on the fast trains, whizzing into London Waterloo, rather than stopping at every stop, is a lifesaver, especially in the mornings. I had just come out of the dentist. 2 more wisdom teeth had been yanked out, the blood and the feeling of numb gums and a baggy bottom lip (hate that feeling), the last thing you want is people disturbing the peace. Well, today, clearly wasn’t my day.

Woman with the IQ of a knat and her 3 screaming brats were causing mayhem on the overground. Kept running up and down the carriage, knocked over an old woman and kept pulling on the emergency stop alarm. One very put-together suit, approached her and told her to control her children, which was responded with that oh so lovely thing girls (and guys) of a certain age do when they have no respect for their society, kissed her teeth and saw red.

“You fucking what?”

Believe me, the suit moved along quite quickly as Vicky Pollard and her crew of shitty misfits pulled the face that threatened ‘move along, or watch your back.’

Where was Jeremy Kyle?


Hopefully my tutting (I’m definitely getting older) and the mumbling of, this is why condoms are used, muttered under my breath made her get the hint- probably not but heres hoping her day is shit and smothered in karma.

This is where a carriage for the inconsiderate f*ckwits and their offspring should be placed. It has caused me to be late, later than planned and I feel a migraine coming alone. Not enough tea in the world can make me feel a little more spritely after having 2 more wisdom teeth yanked out. Aaargh.

End of rant, I need to work. I might write a letter to Jeremy and South West Trains about that carriage thing. Or start a petition and see what the response is.

Over and out.