Today’s Rant: London Transport in the weather

What is it with London Transport when it’s raining, snowing, icy, sunny or just normal? This morning I walked to Twickenham rail station to get my normal weekday train at 7.53 and whilst waiting patiently listening to my morning iTube playlist, sipping a cup of hot tea in my sippy cup, a few people with agitated faces stomped off towards the exit. The faces that require little emotion but pure ‘oh, for fuck sakes,’ gave the slight hint, there may indeed be something wrong.
I have a pretty chilled route to work. There’s no running for a bus, sitting in God-awful traffic, being squashed under someone’s sweaty armpit on the underground or have to endure a journey longer than an hour. I just walk the 10 minutes to Twickenham station, get the semi-fast train to London Waterloo and then get the non-bendy 521 bus to Chancery Lane, take a little walk and I’m here at work in Farringdon. Not bad for a 50 minute all in all journey. But when there are delays, it’s like panic central all round. No one can cope, there’s no normality, just plenty of pissed off commuters, unforgiving bosses and a load of staff complaining that next week, they’re going on strike.
This morning, I could have strangled the staff member on the speaker.
We’re sorry to announce there is a delay on the 7.48 train to London Waterloo….

This was swiftly followed by another announcement 5 minutes later saying the same thing and again at 8.03, this time mentioning they weren’t really sure how long this train or trains would be delayed but if we went to Richmond, we sure could be luckier getting the District Line and change at any of the interchangeable stops.

How thoughtful of you. Thanks, I now shall be later for that meeting I had booked in, by walking breathlessly up the A316 before staggering up a hill or getting a bus at this time of the morning with the rugrats of West London, in a hot steamy bus to be sat in the traffic.

I asked a member of staff what the delay was, they couldn’t answer. Shouldn’t staff know what these problems are? I can understand if 4ft of snow corrupted a line or there was severe flooding and a train couldn’t leave its station because of safety issues or there had been a fatality but a delay for no reason? Why, what’s the excuse? Did someone not get out of the right side of their bed and just couldn’t be arsed? WTF, we pay enough for our commutes into London, that we shouldn’t have to put up with this shit, unless it’s a complete tragedy. It’s complete nonsense, when no one can give a logical explanation.

How on earth are they going to cope when the snow comes? Apparently we’re waiting for snow, what the fuck are they going to do then?

I’m babbling now, makes sense in my head.

Stupid trains and their stupid people who are lazy.

Hope tonight is better.