Over 1/2 of Justin Beiber’s Followers are Fake; Ha ha

Not that I give the slightest bit of damn about him but Justin fecking Bieber’s Twitter account has been revealed to have almost 1/2 of his followers are fake accounts, according to a new report. The singer was crowned the most-followed person on Twitter earlier this year, but new data shows that a majority of his followers aren’t real accounts. Sheer brilliance. So whilst all those tweenie boppers who support the doofus can clear off with him being the number dude to follow on Twitter. Around 45% of his followers have been classed fake, meaning they are following less than 50 accounts, have less than one follower and have never tweeted themselves. It wouldn’t surprise me, if some PR attention-seeking twat is out there making up accounts paid for by the teenager himself. 

SocialBakers, the user friendly social media analytics platform has found the top Twitter accounts that have fake fans and Justin Bieber is up there right at the top. Meaning technically his actual follower count is more in the 17.2 million region than the 37 million everyone is believing it to be. 

SocialBakers define this by the following criteria:

  • The account is following less than 50 people and has less than one follower
  • More than 30% of all tweets use spam phrases, such as “diet,” “make money,” and “work from home”
  • The same tweets are repeated more than three times, even when posted to different accounts
  • More than 90% of the account´s tweets are retweets
  • More than 90% of tweets are links and the profile has a following: followers ratio of 7: 1 or more. This means the profile is following 7 users while only being followed by 1.
  • The account has never tweeted
  • The account is more than two months old and still has a default profile image

Bieb’s isn’t the only one with fake followers. Lady ‘I must sit in a gold wheelchair for no reason’ GaGa also has been revealed to have 19 million followers instead of 35.9 million.

Just makes me laugh. 


Adele’s Hilarious yet.. Awkward Interview with Ushi Hirosaki

If you’re looking for a bit of a giggle, YouTube have plenty of videos to make even the easily uninterested laugh. But sometimes, giggles go further than most, especially when they involve flavor of the decade, Grammy and Brit’s award winner, 23 year old Adele. Adele the English recording artist and songwriter has won numerous awards over the past few years for her debut album 19 and her recent album, 21 released in early 2011 has earned her 6 Grammy Awards in 2012 including Album of the Year, equalling the record for most Grammy Awards won by a female artist in one night. Adele is best known for not only her amazing voice but her cracking personality to match. She is definitely the girl next door and not the diva, most ladies in the industry are like. Any TV presenter or interviewer around who have had the priviledge to interview the legendary singer will all say she is the ideal celebrity to interview, with her down-to-earth girl-next-door personality. Anyone who has seen her interviewed on Graham Norton‘s or Alan Carr‘s show know exactly what I mean. Giggles all round.

One interview though, became an internet hit when Ushi Hirosaki, a Japanese interviewer of Tokyo Broadcasting, interviewed Adele. Ushi Hirosaki, with her partner Hiromi Tojo, travels around the world to surprise international stars with her shameless questions. This video, if not seen already covers some bizarre questions and infectious giggles from a worried and confused looking Adele.

Ushi Hirosaki is actually Miss Wendy Van Dijk, a Dutch actress and presenter. She was first seen on television in the television Ushi and Van Dijk. Ushi is a Japanese journalist famous Dutch people and foreigners in English interviews, but very often, some decisions can not understand whether this involves on sex. This creates comic situations. A typical statement is: “Ushi says: ‘Hi!'” In the past, Wendy has interviewed the likes of English chef Jamie Oliver, American singer/songwriter Lionel Richie and supermodel Janice Dickinson.

I love the endless giggles. Adele can’t stop laughing at some points. Honestly I don’t know how she’s managed to keep a straight face or not managed to the throw the sofa at Ushi.

Imogen Thomas, Get Over Yourself Already

For someone who bitches and complains a lot about just about anything and everything you’d think Imogen Thomas was famous for something more than sleeping with a footballer or getting her boobs out for a lads mag. Imogen Thomas, the welsh glamour model, apparent ‘beauty queen’ and no-talent TV personality ‘star’ lasted three months in the seventh series of reality TV series Big Brother. Best known for her cover-girl shoots with Zoo and Maxim magazines and working with the Daily Star newspaper, Thomas has also appeared in other lads mags such as FHM  where she came in at number 58 on their Sexiest Woman in the World list and in 2008 and was included in the list of Playboy Bunnies onPlayboy‘s website.

She’s incredibly annoying. I struggle to find the words that make her a ‘celebrity’ personality. There is no real talent. Just someone who slept with HE WHO CAN NOT BE NAMED and is using this and her boobs to mastermind her own popularity. Most recently the bimbo model posted a picture of herself on Twitter saying how much weight she has put on over the Christmas period. Are we blind and stupid? She must be the skinniest fat girl I’ve ever seen. Again another attention-seeking way of getting her so called fans the attention she needs. Does she look fat? No. Between you and me, although I’ve lost weight I’m still bigger than her. Thomas posted pics of herself, stripped down to her underwear, moaning about her ‘increased’ waistline. The  model proclaimed: “Im gonna workout and do bikram so much. I cant wait to feel good again,” before adding, for those left confused by her vague mutterings, “On the atkins diet as of today.”

 But as much as she wanted the ‘poor Imogen’ tweets to flood back it wasn’t long before the backlash began; “Oh I’m so fat boohoo. Attention seeker,” nicy0007 Tweeted, and her opinion was shared by others prompting Thomas to respond “I’m sorry if my ‘weight photo’ made ppl angry. I didn’t mean to – I have some body issues.”
 Oh F*ck off.

She’s always in the papers. If not for doing a Jordan like pose on the beach in a skimpy bikini, she’s wearing t-shirts that would gain a slap from most people. To continue her flight of super-celebrity awesomness, Thomas is most of the time seen hanging off another footie stars arm, falling out of nightclubs, wearing revealing dresses or bitching about other people of social networking site Twitter. She has no talent. She is just an attention seeking nobody that has to use her body (coz she’s definitely not using her mind) to get herself noticed.

She’s most famously known for having sex with HE WHO CAN NOT BE NAMED Manchester United footballer which I guess in her eyes would’ve meant she would be seen as ‘poor little naive Imogen darling’ instead it didn’t exactly go in the reality TV star’s favour. The alleged footballer is hiding behind a super-injunction to protect his name. Her previous conquests include Jermaine Defoe and Russell Brand and she’s currently being represented by Max Clifford. She was instead seen and described as a home-wrecker. It’s irritating to imagine she thought she’d gain huge amounts of sympathy from this. He is married. Although what he did can’t be excused you can’t use and abuse this to gain anything. Especially when going on TV, talking to every show out there and releasing your exclusive story to the press is going to gain you any sort of credibility neither. Crying your eyes out about how awful your life now is, and how you are suicidal due to all the media attention is ridiculous. STOP IT. She’s also managed to make a huge amount of money from it, something we’d all apparently do ourselves, because money is the key to everything. In an episode of Celebrity Come Dine With Me, dimwit Imogen says “If you were in my position and you’d been through the same thing and then you get offered a 100 opportunities there on a plate, what would you say?”

“Would you say, ‘Forget them I’m just going to carry on’ or would you think, ‘I’ve got bills to pay and I have to make the most of what’s happening now. I’ve got mortgages, I have to keep working. You can’t say that [it is immoral] until you’ve been put in a situation like that. Of course you would try to stop it but it gets out of control. I am just a normal girl next door and I’ve been put in a situation like that where I am getting death threats and people are camping outside my house every single day for the past six months. It’s hard-going. For me it’s like I made a mistake. I made my bed, I lay in it and for me I just want to get on with my life.” It wasn’t your bed to make, you daft cow. It is beyond obvious that she is in it for the fame and acclaim but he knows full well, as the rest of us do, that any publicity is good publicity. She’s got Max Clifford and he knows best when it comes to this sort of thing and is making sure her bank balance is fully accounted for.

Since Imogen’s affair came to light, Natasha Giggs and her have been having their very own slagging off match. Natasha Giggs the latest twit to fall for this footballers charms in a whopper of an 8 year affair was in this year’s Celebrity Big Brother (why, God knows) but she also has been doing her best to publicize her own views on Twitter. With a very short stint within the house, being voted out the other week. The first person to have a Twitter row with Natasha is none other than Imogen Thomas. It all started off with Imogen tweeting ‘Just watching cbb catch up. I love Natalie Cassidy and her task,’  she said. So far, so nice. But then she carried on… ”Wag’ Nicola McLean is a fake. And as for the other one…….’ she said. As for the other one what?’, which was almost definitely going to start some sort of a scrap so seems a bad idea, but hey, this pair seem to thrive on that stuff. Rather than reply to Natasha, who was voted out of the Celebrity Big Brother house ahead of Nicola McLean this week, Imogen then tweeted a list of hashtags that we don’t quite see catching on, but we suspect weren’t really meant for that purpose. It all is childish. A bore to watch and read and makes me wonder how they get the time of the day people give them. They both did something wrong and there’s no need to publicize it through their pathetic Twitter accounts. You both shouldn’t be famous for sleeping with famous people. Nor for anything else that involves stripping off or falling out of clubs. There is no need. It also gets rather tiring reading the endless crap that your pathetic lives fill in the press. I for one don’t want to read about it anymore and know others would agree. So why not use your degree to something more useful like actually getting a real job like the rest of us.

The Kardashian’s. What are they actually famous for?

Apart from Robert Kardashian being OJ Simpson’s attorney, the rest of The Kardashian clan aren’t actually famous for anything except for being known as socialite royalty. Basically the same reason Paris Hilton is famous; for falling out of nightclubs drunk, shopping too much with their trust fund or having a sex tape leaked onto the internet (Kim’s fault). They some how have got a reality show from Kim’s sex tape and are somewhat famous just for that fact. The Kardashian family was very close to O.J. Simpson and Nicole Brown Simpson. The Simpson trial caused conflict between Kris and Robert. Kardashian was on O.J.’s defense team, while Nicole had been Jenner’s best friend.

Who are they?

Kris Jenner 

Kris, the matriarch, was married to the late Robert Kardashian, best known for being a defense lawyer during the O.J. Simpson murder trial, and had three daughters and one son with him before they divorced in 1990. She later married athlete Bruce Jenner, and together they have two daughters. She is also known for being a  socialiteand businesswoman as she manages all of her family members. She and Bruce Jenner married on April 21, 1991. Bruce Jenner had four children from two previous marriages: Burt, Casey, Brody, and Brandon. Kris and Bruce have two daughters, Kendall Nicole (b. November 3, 1995) and Kylie Kristen (b. August 10, 1997). On December 14, 2009, Jenner became a grandmother when Kourtney and Scott Disick had a child, Mason Dash Disick.

Bruce Jenner

Bruce was a decathlon champion in the 1976 Summer Olympics. He married Kris in 1991 and has four other children from two previous marriages: Burt Jenner, Casey Jenner, Brandon Jenner, and The Hills cast member Brody Jenner.

Kourtney Kardashian

Kourtney is an American businesswoman, socialite, model, actress and reality television personality. She is the oldest of Jenner’s children. Kourtney first became known to reality television audiences on the 2005 series, Filthy Rich: Cattle Drive, on which she earned money for charity. She then became a cast member on Keeping Up with the Kardashians, which depicts the lives of her extended family. She and her sister Khloé starred in their own spinoff reality show, Kourtney and Khloé Take Miami, the first season of which documented their opening of the Miami D-A-S-H location in 2009. In January 2011, Kourtney and Kim Take New York premiered, which documents her and sister Kim opening their third D-A-S-H store in New York.

Kardashian and her boyfriend Scott Disick have a son, Mason Dash Disick, born December 14, 2009. On November 30, 2011, Kardashian announced she and Disick were expecting their second child.

Kim Kardashian

Kim is an American socialite, television personality, model, actress and businesswoman or best known for their leaked sex tape in February 2007 that she made with singer Ray J in 2003 which subsequently resulted in a court awarding her $5 million. Kardashian has been involved in the production of several lines of clothing and fragrances. In 2010, she was the highest earning reality star, with estimated earnings of $6 million.In August 2011, Kardashian married basketball player Kris Humphries in a widely publicized ceremony. She filed for divorce 72 days later which has gained her some not so great publicity from around the world. Several news outlets have surmised that Kardashian’s marriage to Kris Humphries was merely a publicity stunt to promote the Kardashian family’s brand and their subsequent television ventures. Her former publicist has also claimed that her short-lived wedding was indeed staged and a ploy to generate money. Kardashian has since filed suit against him, saying his claims were untrue.  A widely circulated petition asking to remove all Kardashian related programing off the air has been followed since their split. This wasn’t her first marriage. Kim was in fact married before. Kim married music producer Damon Thomas in 2000 and divorced in 2004.

In December 2007, Kardashian posed nude for Playboy. Kim is mostly known for her regular appearances in gossip magazines showing off those amazing curves and also for her love of fur coats. In 2010 animal rights organization PETA criticized Kardashian for repeatedly wearing fur coats, and named her as one of the five worst people or organizations of 2010 when it came to animal welfare.

Khloe Kardashian

She is an American businesswoman, television personality, radio host, socialite, and model. On September 27, 2009, Kardashian married Dallas Mavericks, then Los Angeles Lakers, forward Lamar Odom. Last week RadarOnline reported that Robert Kardashian‘s ex-wives Jan Ashley and Ellen Pierson had come forward in an exclusive interview stating that he had revealed to each of them that he was not Khloe’s biological father. Khloe’s mother, Kris Jenner admitted in her new book Kris Jenner… And All Things Kardashian that she had an affair during her marriage to Robert Kardashian.

Khloe Kardashian has called the claims “disgusting”. She wrote: “The audacity you have to mention my father’s name like this! Should be ashamed of urself! I let a lot of things slide but this one is really low. YOU ARE DISGUSTING! (yes you know who YOU are).”

Rob Kardashian

is an American television personality. He is best known for appearing on his family’s reality television shows, such as Keeping Up with the Kardashians and Khloé & Lamar. Kardashian competed and placed second on the thirteenth season of Dancing with the Stars. His professional partner was Cheryl Burke.

Kylie Jenner

Kendall Jenner

She is an American model and television personality, who is featured on the E! reality TV showKeeping Up with the Kardashians along with the rest of her family.  Kendall has modeled for the Sherri Hill dress line and is often seen in People’s magazine with her sister Kylie in the ‘Beautiful People’ article series. She is mostly known for her modelling, most recently venturing into the world of runway modelling where she modeled during the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week for the 2012 Spring/Summer collection of Sherri Hill.

It seems the family’s popularity has brought mixed opinions from people all of the world. As much as I think they’re beautiful, none of them actually have any real talent. Releasing sex tapes and stripping for Playboy isn’t a talent to be proud of. Nothing to wave your arms in the air for or do an Irish jig over. According to a report released by the New York Post yesterday claims the ‘stars’ are ‘no longer sought-after celebrities.’ Apparently failed ratings, lost contracts and a decline in magazines wanting to publicize their every move is hitting their pockets pretty darn hard. It all seems to follow the swift demise of Kim’s marriage to Kris Humphries last year. The family already rake in $65million per year from various merchandise, clothes, modelling and their reality deals too. This probably won’t be the biggest cut back to their pockets but no doubt mamma Kris will think of something else to flaunt to make more money for the attention-seeking family.

How reality just isn’t reality anymore

I’m not a massive fan of reality programs. Fame hungry wannabes trying their hardest to be the next big thing. I’m not a fan of TOWIE, Made In Chelsea or Geordie Shore (not a fan= don’t watch them), I don’t even get what the hell’s going on with Desperate Scousewives or Big Brother but somehow everyone and their nan’s cat seems to have an absolute obsession with knowing if Jimmy dumped Aggie for Billie’s little sister Lily and if they’re all going to hang out at Mahiki or Movida rather than Amika because the bouncers look friendlier and the chances of seeing a pissed Katie Price falling out of a club is an opportunity one can’t miss. I just want to know what the big deal is with it all. Big Brother is on its what, millionth episode and screened on Channel 5 now instead of Channel 4 because well, don’t care, but it’s boring. Not just a little boring but rip your hair out boring. It’s that boring. You get me?

Ok see this as me ranting. Ranting away about my hate for this so-called ‘Must See TV.’ To some it’s a guilty pleasure, a little bit of heaven or escapism away from the norm. But majority of these programs are in fact… dum dum duuuuur… FAKE. Scripted. Oooooh. Reality television is one of the worst things to happen to this countries entertainment industry. There isn’t a day that goes by when you open a newspaper or magazine, or see on Facebook or Twitter etc that one of these new ‘famous’ people are spread across with all their latest celebrity gossip. The bottom line is that if you don’t entertain typical tv watchers, they will get bored. All we see is actors that are trying to ‘get theirs’ by ‘acting normal’. How do you act normal ? It’s impossible, so there is the problem. Once a camera is on them, they are not themselves. Although after the TV series ‘The Hills‘ admitted it, a lot of others followed suit, they’re scripted. If they don’t provide a certain amount of entertainment at the right times in the right amounts, then the show would be canned due to lack of interest. So, reality tv is not reality or going to be aslong as the watcher demands to be entertained in order to validate watching the show. The producers know the ‘demands’ on them from viewers due to history stats and viewer stats.

So the question is, how much reality do we watch in reality shows?

Have you ever seen the movie, The Truman Show, starring Jim Carrey?

In the movie, Truman played by funnyman Jim Carrey who is a man whose life is a fake one… Imagine yourself in the following situation: More than 5000 cameras are filming you – 24/7, at all times 365 days a year since the day you were born. The place he lives is in fact a big studio with hidden cameras everywhere, and all his friends and people around him, are actors who play their roles in the most popular TV-series in the world: The Truman Show. Truman thinks that he is an ordinary man with an ordinary life and has no idea about how he is exploited. Until one day… he finds out everything. He is desperate and tries to escape from the fictitious world he lives in. All the people watching the TV series are totally captivated and can’t take their eyes off the television. They have done nothing but watch the series for a very long time, and have seen Truman growing up. When he finally manages to get to the real world, they are happy on one hand, but on the other hand, they seem to have lost their purpose in life. This is the reality that I see with a lot of my friends and some of my family and all over the internet. The need to know what’s going on with someone else’s life however boring and shit it may be. That’s TV. Everyone talks about it. Everyone. Even if you don’t watch X Factor, I’m a Celeb or Big Brother, everyone still manages to somehow chat about it. We talk about everything from their weight, their diets, how little or how much they’ve eaten, who’re they’re dating, sleeping with or cheating on with, what club they’re falling out of, how much they’ve drunk this week and every aspect of their personal lives as if we are the viewers in the movie watching Truman’s life every step of the way.

It’s shocking especially when teenagers look up to these nimwits and see them as role models. This whole ‘No Carbs Before Marbs‘ crap by the girls from TOWIE show young girls being stick thin is the way to go and having bum, boob and lip implants with enough spray tan to even shock an oompah lumpah to death is the way to get a guy. Snazzy. Speaking to one of my friend’s little sister she said she watched these programs because they make her feel better, they give her a sense of a reality that she’d never experienced, an insight into a world she’d never be part of. When you think it like that, a 14yo should not be thinking like this. She’s too young.

The consumer is the most powerful player in the economics game. ALWAYS. If the viewers don’t watch it, eat it, buy it, rent it then it won’t be on the market because the seller needs to make money off it in 99.9% of cases. If you go to most stores, supermarkets and your local newsagents you’ll see the evidence there. X Factor magazines, stationary, random crap that we the consumer won’t hesitate in buying to fuel this mahoosive empire.

If like me you haven’t tuned into these shows just coz you’re normal and want to know what all this fuss is about, read on if not, scroll down a little bit more!

TOWIE aka The Only Way Is Essex

The BAFTA (I know, WTF?!) nominated semi-reality show based in Essex follows the lives of young adults: Kirk NorcrossMark Wright, Jessica Wright, Lauren Goodger, Samantha Faiers, James Argent, Lydia Rose Bright, Harry Derbidge and their friends, family and acquaintances. The show is primarily filmed in BrentwoodBuckhurst Hill and Chigwell, near London. According to The Daily Mail last week, ‘Brits have slammed TOWIE for fostering a nation of bad taste and tackiness according to new research.Fake tans, exaggerated boob jobs and visible hair extensions were listed as some of the most offensive trends sweeping the country thanks to the hit reality TV show.Meanwhile low slung trousers, revealing inches of flashy underwear was seen as the most offensive fashion.’  Prime example of ultimate boob-plastic-fantastic is non other than Chloe Simms who insists to the nation, wanting a butt-enhancement job is perfectly normal for  someone her age-she’s like 28.

Made In Chelsea

Made in Chelsea is a British reality soap set in the wealthy Chelsea district of London, although some cast members have admitted they’re not even from Chelsea. The show follows the lives of: Ollie Locke, Spencer Matthews, Fredrik Ferrier, Francis Boulle, Hugo Taylor, Millie Mackintosh, Amber Atherton, Alexandra Felstead, Francesca Hull, Rosie Fortescue, Caggie Dunlop and Gabriella Ellis.

The cast of MIC is basically a semi-reality doc series following rich kid brats rah rah with each other, mwah mwah with others, down champagne and talk about so and so fancying so and so’s boyfriend but because so and so has a boyfriend we must not share it apart from the audience tuned into their pointless convo’s on the King’s Road. You could say it’s a posh version of the Essex series but the plots are awful if not worse.

Geordie Shaw

Aired by MTV and a British adaption of the American ‘hit’ Jersey Shore, Geordie Shore  is a reality television series. In a column for metro.co.uk, Christopher Hooton described the show as “a gaudy kaleidoscope of six packs, shots, fights, simulated fellatio and exposed breasts,” but said that criticism of the show was futile given its intent, noting that “being shocked by the lasciviousness ofGeordie Shore is like being shocked by the lack of nutrition in a Pot Noodle.

Desperate Scousewives

In a world revolving around football, fierce fashion, and that famous WAG style, Scouse girls and boys are all about having a boss night out on the town. But looking good is a 24/7 job as the ladies dress to impress to bag themselves the man of their dreams.

The girls spend every hard earned penny making sure they stand out from the crowd. And the boys of Liverpool have to work hard to keep up with them, woo them, and win their hearts. But they’re not adverse to a bit of premiership style preening themselves; some of Liverpool’s most handsome and sought after guys are pros at living a footballers lifestyle, even if it is just off the pitch.

In a world where make up and wags is all that I’d say this is prob a step up from TOWIE and Made in Chelsea but still just as irritating to watch. Turn off for me.

Chloe Simm’s should go on there. She’d fit in perfectly.


Just saying.


I’m a Celebrity

I’m a Celebrity is a reality television game show series in which 8 to 15 celebrities live together in a jungleenvironment for a few weeks. They have no luxuries, and compete to win a cash prize. The first programme aired in 2002 and is presented by the lovable Geordie duo Ant & Dec. I’ve watched an episode here and there and the most recent one is doing my head in thanks to one particular pain-in-the-ass contestant, Simon Cowell only knows too way and somehow put up with her, none other than Sinitta.If you remember that day when Cowell introduced his ex Sinitta as his help at the judges house stage and she came out it that palm leaf shocker of an outfit? Her.

Sinitta is plain and simply this year’s Gillian McKeith. Last year scrawny foodie GM was the nightmare of the Jungle being fearful of everything within arm’s length from flies to ants and eating spiders. This year GM is Sinitta. Throughout all the Bushtucker Trials, the audience have done their best to help the twit get over her fears but instead she screams and goes mental when a creepy crawly moves near her. Fun to watch for like 5 seconds then I wanna throw my shoe at the TV. I think Sinitta is worse than Gillian, to be honest I haven’t a clue why she entered! Did she think it would be like Buckingham Palace or something?

Big Brother

BB is a television show in which a group of people live together in a large house, isolated from the outside world but continuously watched by television cameras. Each series lasts for around three months, and there are usually fewer than 15 participants. The housemates try to win a cash prize by avoiding periodic evictions from the house. The idea for the show is said to have come during a brainstorm session at the Dutch production house of John de Mol Produkties (an independent part of Endemol) on 4 September 1997. The first Big Brother broadcast was in the Netherlands in 1999 on the Veronica TV channel. It was picked up by Brazil, Germany, Argentina, Portugal, the US, the UK, Spain, Belgium, Sweden, Switzerland and Italy the following year and became a world-wide sensation. Since then it has been a prime-time hit in almost 70 countries. The show’s name comes from George Orwell‘s 1949 novel Nineteen Eighty-Four, a dystopia in which Big Brother can always spy on the inhabitants of the dictatorship he heads through their television sets, with the slogan “Big Brother is watching you.

We don’t find reality in reality TV but so many of us see it as a point of escapism. In all these shows the producers have control. We may vote, we may ‘decide’ who stays or who goes but they are merely just puppets controlled by the big guys. We don’t watch it for average storylines we watch it to gossip, to complain about, to bitch about to discuss and spread the word about. Using Word of Mouth to the best of our advantage whether that be via magazines, social networks or with your girlfriends at the local wine bar. Interesting storylines is what makes it. It’s the same as EastEnders and HollyOaks.If you’ve seen any of the recent episodes of either in the past few weeks you’d understand. The drama that seems to unfold just from one family to the next in 1 soap is enough for my entire county to possibly go through but not in 1 square. Last week’s story had lovable Alfie say to Kat he loved her too much to turn a blind eye if she slept with other people whilst Billy’s granddaughter pretended she was pregnant just for attention and not to leave school. Phew!  The producers wouldn’t be able to pass off my life as anything particularly entertaining no matter how much me myself and I can relate to it. Drama is what we buy into. Having their personal lives changed to be a bit more interesting, intense etc so we can all participate some way or another. Phew.

Rant over. I promise.

It’s All About The Ex-Factor

It was splashed all over the papers over recent weeks that, rumour has it Cheryl Cole is getting back with dip-shit ex-husband Ashley Cole. Pals, family and fans are all urging and hoping this isn’t true, hoping that the Geordie sweetheart won’t rekindle her romance with him. It seems to be the case that now her life has fallen to pieces, the walls collapesed around her and she’s no longer centre of attention and limelight, what better way to be at the top spot that going back out with her ex-husband! It’s been reported since this whole hoo-ha that Cheryl was axed from the US X Factor, she’s been spending more and more time with Ashley, leaving just about everyone peeved and wondering just why-oh-why she would lower herself that deep.

Honestly I’m not a massive Cheryl fan, but I did think she was uber cool for sticking two fingers up to her ex husband and demanding a divorce. I thought it was great that she did what any other sane woman would do and leave him to carry on being like that kid in a sweet shop with girls throwing themselves at them.Not like those other WAGs who honestly are staying with their partners for fame and money. Look at Abbey Clancy, Colleen Rooney and Teri Poole. Those girls stayed with their partners even though they knew their partner’s wouldn’t change but a million in their bank accounts, endless shopping sprees to Cricket and Selfridges would be a massive dampener to their oh so perfect barbie lives. Stacey Giggs became the latest WAG to cling to her fella after discovering the Man Utd ace had been playing away. Ryan Giggs was outed on Twitter after trying to gag the Press. It was later revealed that, as well as a fling with Big Brother beauty Imogen Thomas, he had an eight-year affair with his brother Rhodri’s wife Natasha. Ryan and Stacey have now gone into hiding in a Mediterranean villa to try and save their shattered marriage. Honestly do these girls think that the shopping trips, flash cars and unlimited gold credit cards will buy happiness?

Cheryl seems to have fallen for Ashley’s promises saying he definitely won’t f*ck up again. Sure. He’s apparently been begging her for months to give her another chance. promising this time it will be different. It seems now that Cheryl’s career has had a serious knock, she’s feeling it’s time to start thinking about possibly having a baby, starting a family and all that jazz. What better way than doing so with Ashley. This is bound to end in tears, not the fantasy life Chezza is counting on. I get that the past month has been crap, being axed from the US X Factor, with press splashing the humiliating news that her Geordie accent was hard for American viewers to understand all over international press. Big fail. But don’t yourself up for a bigger, almighty fail with that douche bag.

I’m trying to think of a millions reasons why Cheryl is going back with Ashley. If rumours are true. Sod the rumours, we all know what’s gonna happen. If this is because of her need to have children and start a family, do correct me if I’m wrong, there is more than one man in this world, why did she have to choose him. So I’ve come to the conclusion something terribly crap must have happened when she was a child for her to crave the attention soooo much and ignore concerned loved one. From my under5standing Cheryl’s dad left home when she was 11years old. It seems to be the only reason that I can think of for her to run back to her ex. She’s 1/5th of girl band Girl’s Aloud, launched a successful solo career, the face of L’Oreal because by God she was worth it for doing what all the rest should of done and is a multi-millionairess. There goes female empowerment. I can’t understand what the big attraction is apart from the ££££££££. This whole saga annoyingly enough feels like a game set up already by her PR team or the once happy couple to catapulte her to solo stardom and reap in the benefits from every Tom, Dick and Harry. Have you noticed the one little thing Cheryl has kept? Her surname Cole. I mean Tweedy isn’t all that great but why still be associated with him if you’ve been divorced no matter how much more hotter Cole sounds in comparison to Tweedy.

Cheryl was the one WAG that was different to all the others, that I most respected and loved her for. She left because her lifestyle, ugly mutts and expensive designer clothes/handbags were all made by her own doing not through kicking a ball in a net, goal whatever you call it. Abbey Clancy is now married to rubbish-robot-dancing-giant Peter Crouch because where else is the expensive lifestyle going to come from. She wasn’t anything but a small time model whose skinny looks and horse like features drove us all to wonder why she’d date such a lamp post in the first place. Oh and there’s Coleen Rooney. School girl turned TV presenter and face of LittleWoods (go you!) whose Shrek-looking husband slept with prostitutes whilst she was pregnant with his child. By lord it’s not because of their looks.. God no. Rather their bank balances, status, million-pound magazine deals/weddings, engagement rings, reality shows and commercial endorsements thanks to just being one half of that celeb couple.

It just goes to show the message these barbies give out. All the young females out there that have their hopes cast on having a great career and finding a partner now have their hopes dashed coz it’s totally fine to just marry a footballer, spend his cash, cash in on fame and let him walk all over you like a piece of dirt. So much for RESPECT. Once a cheater, always a cheater. He should be shown the door and never allowed back in. He’s never going to change, no matter what the promises are. It’s disappointing to read how a 28yo woman can fall for his lies. He’s a footballer for Pete’s sake. Hopefully she’ll see the real him before it’s too late and she’s got no one to turn to. If it is too late, don’t be surprised when we all turn around and say “I hate to say, we told you so.

Stars shrinking before our eyes won’t get my vote. It’s curves all the way

What is the ongoing obsession with being a size zero? It’s unattractive and bad for your health. It seems everyone wants to be on some extreme diet. If it’s not the juice diet its a drinking coffee only diet or no carbs or just water. Thanks but no thanks. I’m a happy size 12 and honestly won’t be dropping any pounds to please anyone. My boyfriend loves me the way I am and I love the way I am. I don’t have a washboard stomach (I’d love one but honestly I’m a little lazy and I just don’t give a crap), I have curves and think women should just celebrate that and love themselves for who they are. We all have something that we’d love to change about ourselves and by Joe do I have a list of body imperfections that I’d love to change but I’m petrified of going under the knife and looking like plastic Jordan big boobs or heck that Heidi nobody from The Hills. I don’t wanna be fake and that’s fine by me. Most of my friends are gorgeously curvy and love the way they are. They all say they can’t believe they fell for that diet crap that some gossip magazine published to be in with a chance of that size 8 beach buff body and try and love themselves for being more skinnier. All I say to that is sod that.

Recently reading my guilty pleasures of uber crap gossip magazines where they are write the same la-de-da, articles of Angelina Jolie drinking only coffee where her skinny and gaunt appearance makes her look much older than her 36 year old self is shocking. She says she’s been busy, so busy she can’t have a sandwich and been living on 10 cups of coffee instead. Reports suggest 5ft 7″ Ange has plummeted to below 7 stonne giving her a BMI (Body Max Index) of just 15.3 making her ridiculously under-weight. The normal BMI range of being healthy is 18.5-25. She needs help-fast. Ange, mum of siz, began to look emaciated at the Cannes Film Festival and it became even more noticeable on May 23 when she and Brad Pitt attended the LA premiere of her new animated flick. Angelina’s black Michael Kors ensemble hung on her frail frame and showed off her veiny arms.

I’m totally loving Italian Vogue at the moment, who the other week put two fingers up to the fashion world people who believe super-skinny is the way to go by featuring 3 stunning curvy beauties on their July issue cover.The move comes as editor Franca Sozzani continues to campaign against pro-anorexia websites. And rather than hide their figures in floaty dresses, or cut them off at the waist, Sozzani proudly features Tara Lynn, Candice Huffine and Robyn Lawley in their underwear. The editor has been busy collecting signatures for a petition to shut down websites encouraging eating disorders. She said: ‘Fashion has been always blamed as one of the culprits of anorexia, and our commitment is the proof that fashion is ready to get on the frontline and struggle against the disorder.’ Sozzani has also promised to feature more plus-sized models in the future.

She said: ‘Why should these women slim down? ‘Many of the women who have a few extra kilos are especially beautiful and also more feminine.’ Tara has been making a name for herself, starring in H&M’s Big is Beautiful campaign and has appeared in in Elle, V magazine and Glamour. The last time a plus-size model featured on the cover of Vogue was Sophie Dahl – before she dropped 15lbs from a size 14.

By nature women’s magazines are a contradictory bunch, espousing the virtues of body love one minute and telling us about the latest celebrity fad diet, or publishing pictorial spreads of ‘super-skinny stars’, the next.Being healthy should always be our priority and shouldn’t be sidetracked by the mass media that losing pounds to look like the super-skinny celebs out there is the way to go. It’s a cliche but, in the case of magazines in particular, pictures speak much louder than words. I think magazines should show women with the real womanly curves we were given than the negative body-images shoved in our faces and giving teenagers and young girls the wrong images. It’s not acceptable or normal. The message we should be giving to youngsters is love the skin you’re in, whatever shape or size and not let bad body images ruin the ideal of what is the real ideal of a woman’s body shape.