Call me a grumpy old twenty something, but I’m not doing the ice bucket challenge

Well done to those who have taken part in the Ice Bucket Challenge.  To the hundreds of celebrities and people who have raised awareness for charities across the world. To be honest I didn’t even know what ALS (Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) was before, I mean I heard about it, but I didn’t understand what it meant fully.

What is ALS? 

Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), often referred to as “Lou Gehrig’s Disease,” is a progressive neurodegenerative disease that affects nerve cells in the brain and the spinal cord. Motor neurons reach from the brain to the spinal cord and from the spinal cord to the muscles throughout the body. The progressive degeneration of the motor neurons in ALS eventually leads to their death. When the motor neurons die, the ability of the brain to initiate and control muscle movement is lost. With voluntary muscle action progressively affected, patients in the later stages of the disease may become totally paralyzed.

Why am I not doing the ice bucket challenge?

Call me an old git, but I refuse to do it. At first  the whole point about the ALS ice bucket challenge was about raising awareness but now it seems to be people pouring buckets of water on their heads for a laugh and that’s just not cool. Yeah I’m a spoilsport, an inconsiderate individual that has no sense of fun, who has no idea how incredible this movement is because “did you know Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Jamie Dornan and even Victoria Posh Spice Beckham took part, so why aren’t you?’

I’m not doing it for the following reasons:

Peer pressure 

I’m all for people raising awareness through whatever campaigns, go wild with that but I don’t think people should make you feel guilty about if you do or don’t take part. Everyone helps donating and raising awareness their own ways and nominating people to pour a bucket of water over their heads when it’s seriously fucking cold outside or outing them on whichever social media channel is a bit pathetic. If someone wants to raise money, they shouldn’t be told how much they should donate and shouldn’t feel like they have to take part in this challenge.

Charity can happen in many different ways – why does it have to be through ice and water? 

Anyone can choose to donate to a chosen charity how they want to, whether that is through spending time with those youngsters who patrol our high streets at the weekend and donating a fiver per month, running in a silly costume in a race, spending time with your elderly neighbour who has no one to spend their evenings with – why should we be made to choose who we donate to? The time I would have wasted a bucket for of water over my head (I should just stand under the rain and get soaked for an hour willingly for a laugh – natural and I didn’t waste any water – oooh a plan!) I think anyone who wants to donate should be able to do so, through any method they want to and have the choice of who they want to donate to.

The whole point is not to see how many people ‘like’ your video

Thanks to the likes of the God-awful Kardashian clan, it’s all about self promotion these days – ‘oh look at my butt in these super tight jeans’ – this challenge shouldn’t be to see how many “likes” you can get, it should be to raise awareness. Out of the 300 friends on my Facebook, probably the 25 out of the 50 people who have done it, have actually donated. Shame on the rest who thinks it’s now just seen as a fun past-time.

You won’t catch me in a bikini top flaunting my curves in this weather

If you’re English, you’ll get me on this one, it’s personally too friggin cold to stand outside in my teeny ting shorts and bikini top showcasing my figure that should only be available to blind people on the beach, whilst I pour water over myself. Let’s just save that image from all your minds and watch people who are stupid do it this way:

My donation, my choice

Personally my donation is going to two charities. I couldn’t choose 1 in particular because, well, I feel strongly about 1 and now understanding the full ins and outs about ALS or MND, I am donating to this charity as well.

Cancer Research UK

No other charity anywhere in the world is doing more to beat cancer than we are. We’re the only one fighting over 200 cancers, including the one that matters most to you, and here in the UK we’re the single largest funder of cancer research. All this is only possible with our generous supporters and hard-working scientists.

Cancer Research UK has been working on pioneering life-saving research for over a century. These pages tell the story of our groundbreaking achievements and the real progress we’re making in preventing, diagnosing and treating cancer.

The Motor Neurone Disease Association 

Motor neurone disease is a rare condition that affects around 2 in every 100,000 people each year in the UK. There are about 5,000 people living with the condition in the UK at any one time.

Most cases first develop in people in their early 60s, but people as young as 18 and as old as their 90s can also develop the disease. Motor neurone disease affects slightly more men than women.

In 5% of cases, the person has a family history of motor neurone disease or the related condition frontotemporal dementia. This is known as familial motor neurone disease, and relatives of the person may be at an increased risk of developing the disease in later life.

Thanks to the ALS challenge, I now understand the full meaning of MND and the difficulty people face on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis.  Both these charities have done a significant amount to raise awareness and my donation will hopefully make a difference, even though it’s small.

Final note

I hope that anyone who chooses to continue to take part in this ‘challenge’ actually continues to raise awareness for the charities they have hopefully donated to. Anyone that wants to donate should donate to a charity that they relate to and you should choose how you want to donate. Your difference makes a change, however big or small.


Neknominate: Stop the craze, save a life, grow up.

Alcohol awareness charity DrinkAware has called on parents to take the lead against extreme and dangerous drinking challenges like Neknominate on social media channels. Since this craze has gone ‘viral,’ three young people have died taking part in the challenge. The apparent ‘craze’ involves participants, young, old and stupid encourage each other to film themselves consuming large amounts of alcohol in one go, nominating someone else to continue the game, wherever in the world, via video on social channels including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

I’ll be honest, I do like a few glasses of wine in the evening after a long day, or meeting my best mate at the pub for a jolly old knees up, but this happens over a long period of time. Ok, probably the amount of alcohol units consumed would be enough to give most doctors a heart attack, but with food and being sensible with my alcohol consumption, I am being careful.
This Neknominate crap, was mentioned in my local the other day, with some daft twits nominating each other to neck a pint of lager, whilst filming themselves and posting it to Facebook. Over the course of a week, the nominations bounced back and forth between the 8 that took part and it seems their *crazy viral idea* has fallen off the face of the earth.
This online chain letter thrown in with childish games seems to be the talk on everyone’s lips in the press recently. It is believed to have started in Perth, Australia. The trend swept across the country, faster than you can say Jack Robinson and everyone from teenagers to fully grown men are getting in on this stupid craze. The friggin craze has its own Wikipedia page for Fuck’s sake. Some people are saying it’s the craze to get involved with, whilst others are trying  to stop it and campaign for young people’s safety.
Those who are getting involved with the campaign to stop it includes a horrified mother who went public with a picture of her unconscious son who was covered in his own vomit, in a bit to spread awareness. Nikki Hunter found her son passed out on the sofa, after a night out with mates, drinking three bottles of spirits. Her 19 year old student son, had accepted a dare to film himself downing a horrendous, unbelievable deadly mix of vodka, whisky, Southern Comfort, Barcadi and Sherry, BARF.
After the twat worried his mother into position thinking he was unconscious or dying, she put him in the recovery position and took a picture to warn others of the dangers of Neknominate.
I hate being there when people are sick, damn I hate when I’m sick, it’s disgusting, makes you feel totally gross and generally shit, so having a photo catapulted across newspapers and social media channels should be a lesson to 19 year old Kieran and all the others out there.
Some of the dares are just unimaginable. Girls dressed in their underwear parading round the local supermarket, drinking live goldfish (yes you read that right), eating and drinking the contents of a fridge, riding into a store on a horse, or running up a motorway semi-naked drinking huge quantities of alcohol, for the fun of it.
Everyone who drinks, likes a tipple. Whether your drink of choice is wine, like me, a cold beer, a perfectly poured Guinness or something a little stronger like a good spirit. Christ, I’m not judging you, everyone has their own little pick-me-ups but this type of game is really stupid. This game is letting children and young people believe it is acceptable in our society to do this. It’s not. Drinking is dangerous if not done carefully. I’ve been an idiot in the past, at 21 drinking my body weight in vodka & red bull, because at £2.50 a pint, I didn’t see the wrong in it – until the next morning when I felt like I was having a heart attack. The truth is, you have to know your limits.
This game is sick, it’s encouraging too young people to get involved, exploiting kids of all ages, promoting something that really isn’t or shouldn’t be promoted and harming those around them, including animals, which is completely fucked up.
The Daily Mirror reported a few weeks ago that the RSPCA has got involved to stop animal cruelty.

The RSPCA is launching animal cruelty investigations into pranksters who film themselves downing goldfish as part of a bizarre drinking game.

The animal welfare charity has received numerous complaints of footage being posted online of people drinking alcohol with fish in the glass.

The incidents appear to be part of new craze called NekNominate, involving people filming themselves “necking’ alcohol, then nominating a friend to do the same – and challenging each other on to do more extreme and outlandish feats.

In one clip posted on Facebook, a thug dressed in pants and a bow tie, proudly drinks THREE goldfish in a glass with cider, eggs, battery fluid and urine.

RSPCA wildlife scientist Nicola White said: “We are extremely concerned about this shocking new trend. We have had quite a few similar cases reported to us in a very short space of time – but this could be just the tip of the iceberg as there’s probably many more we have not been told about.

“Eating a live animal and posting of a film of it on the internet is not some light-hearted joke – it is unacceptable. It sends out a clear message that animal cruelty is OK as long as it is in the guise of entertainment.

“We urge people not to take part in this horrible craze and to report to us anyone who is taking part.”

 If you’re really that desperate to get noticed, to make new friends, or whatever it is you think will make you more popular, take a leaf out of these guys books, and grow the fuck up.

If you want to be noticed for doing something a little different, give up your Neknomination and trade it in for a RAKnomination, also known as Random Acts of Kindness.  Not sure what that is? Google it.

Today’s Rant: London Transport in the weather

What is it with London Transport when it’s raining, snowing, icy, sunny or just normal? This morning I walked to Twickenham rail station to get my normal weekday train at 7.53 and whilst waiting patiently listening to my morning iTube playlist, sipping a cup of hot tea in my sippy cup, a few people with agitated faces stomped off towards the exit. The faces that require little emotion but pure ‘oh, for fuck sakes,’ gave the slight hint, there may indeed be something wrong.
I have a pretty chilled route to work. There’s no running for a bus, sitting in God-awful traffic, being squashed under someone’s sweaty armpit on the underground or have to endure a journey longer than an hour. I just walk the 10 minutes to Twickenham station, get the semi-fast train to London Waterloo and then get the non-bendy 521 bus to Chancery Lane, take a little walk and I’m here at work in Farringdon. Not bad for a 50 minute all in all journey. But when there are delays, it’s like panic central all round. No one can cope, there’s no normality, just plenty of pissed off commuters, unforgiving bosses and a load of staff complaining that next week, they’re going on strike.
This morning, I could have strangled the staff member on the speaker.
We’re sorry to announce there is a delay on the 7.48 train to London Waterloo….

This was swiftly followed by another announcement 5 minutes later saying the same thing and again at 8.03, this time mentioning they weren’t really sure how long this train or trains would be delayed but if we went to Richmond, we sure could be luckier getting the District Line and change at any of the interchangeable stops.

How thoughtful of you. Thanks, I now shall be later for that meeting I had booked in, by walking breathlessly up the A316 before staggering up a hill or getting a bus at this time of the morning with the rugrats of West London, in a hot steamy bus to be sat in the traffic.

I asked a member of staff what the delay was, they couldn’t answer. Shouldn’t staff know what these problems are? I can understand if 4ft of snow corrupted a line or there was severe flooding and a train couldn’t leave its station because of safety issues or there had been a fatality but a delay for no reason? Why, what’s the excuse? Did someone not get out of the right side of their bed and just couldn’t be arsed? WTF, we pay enough for our commutes into London, that we shouldn’t have to put up with this shit, unless it’s a complete tragedy. It’s complete nonsense, when no one can give a logical explanation.

How on earth are they going to cope when the snow comes? Apparently we’re waiting for snow, what the fuck are they going to do then?

I’m babbling now, makes sense in my head.

Stupid trains and their stupid people who are lazy.

Hope tonight is better.




Morning Rant: People on public transport, are they from a different world?


What is it with people on public transport that turns them into complete morons? This morning I got onto the train thinking that it would be a good day. Instead it was a journey of hell rather than fun. There are some thing in life that are simply unexplainable. This, this morning is most definitely one of them.

Picture this; get on the train, the cool air-conditioned carriage, put in your earphones and lie back, head resting on the semi-comfortable red passenger seats. It’s only a 25 minute train journey. We love sitting on the fast trains, whizzing into London Waterloo, rather than stopping at every stop, is a lifesaver, especially in the mornings. I had just come out of the dentist. 2 more wisdom teeth had been yanked out, the blood and the feeling of numb gums and a baggy bottom lip (hate that feeling), the last thing you want is people disturbing the peace. Well, today, clearly wasn’t my day.

Woman with the IQ of a knat and her 3 screaming brats were causing mayhem on the overground. Kept running up and down the carriage, knocked over an old woman and kept pulling on the emergency stop alarm. One very put-together suit, approached her and told her to control her children, which was responded with that oh so lovely thing girls (and guys) of a certain age do when they have no respect for their society, kissed her teeth and saw red.

“You fucking what?”

Believe me, the suit moved along quite quickly as Vicky Pollard and her crew of shitty misfits pulled the face that threatened ‘move along, or watch your back.’

Where was Jeremy Kyle?


Hopefully my tutting (I’m definitely getting older) and the mumbling of, this is why condoms are used, muttered under my breath made her get the hint- probably not but heres hoping her day is shit and smothered in karma.

This is where a carriage for the inconsiderate f*ckwits and their offspring should be placed. It has caused me to be late, later than planned and I feel a migraine coming alone. Not enough tea in the world can make me feel a little more spritely after having 2 more wisdom teeth yanked out. Aaargh.

End of rant, I need to work. I might write a letter to Jeremy and South West Trains about that carriage thing. Or start a petition and see what the response is.

Over and out.

The ‘Other’ Inbox – the portal to the underground

My ‘other’ inbox in Facebook is full of some random things. Spam, messages of love, invitations for marriage, dates, prize messages, ‘You’ve won the lottery’ and special discounts on the latest Viagra tablets and so forth. It’s all a little strange. Digital Trends, a digital and technology reviews website, posted an article by Katie Knibbs, a writer from Chicago, last week about Facebook’s feature, the ‘other’ inbox. It’s seriously a portal of weird beings who just exist to irritate. Knibbs identified the main categories of the weird aliens who contact you.

They are:

  • The ‘confused friends who don’t know how to add you’
  • Event updates
  • Page updates
  • The creepers
  • The spammers

I honestly never had taken a notice until a notification pinged up onto my iPhone that I had a message from John Clive.  A 50 something year old dude who clearly hasn’t heard the word ‘perv.’ John Clive messaged me this:



There are a few things wrong with this.

First off, my name is not pretty, therefore you won’t find it under the English Dictionary with my picture attached. I have a name for a reason. Please do your research John, before you contact me.

Secondly, ‘I feel so good and secured after going through your profile’ – that’s not stalkerish AT ALL. I know for a fact my profile isn’t available to the masses. I know I have a public profile but only so much can be viewed across it. It freaks me out that there is a right weirdo out there getting off on my profile, if he’s even doing that. Still freaky though.

Thirdly, ‘can we get to know each other?’ No, is the answer to that. I really don’t want to know anymore about you.

I checked out his profile and it confirms it. He’s a bit of a loser. He’s from America, wouldn’t at all be bad looking if I passed him in the street, has a few photo’s of him larking around or posing by a lamp post but has a rather proud ‘look at me’ moment, kneeling next to a rather large, I’m pretty sure it’s dead, turkey, smiling proudly into the camera with his prize.

I don’t know about you, but generally when random stuff is posted to you online, you tend to either ignore it or throw it to the sheep end into the trash/spam folder. This, I’m just amazed it has the response to it, like it has.

I asked the guys in my office and they were generally surprised they even had a ‘other’ inbox and the rest were amused by the message John had sent me. My colleague Olly, jumped through the air when he found 89 messages within his ‘other’ folder, where most of the messages consisted of spam and he won something on a caption contest back in December and he’s missing out on his £10 Amazon voucher. How exciting.

To access your “hidden” inbox, click on the “Messages” link on the left-hand side of your Facebook home page. From there, you should see a sub-option—called “Other“—pop up under Messages or situated next to your “inbox” option. Click that to see your other messages.

Have you had a weird experience with your ‘other’ inbox? I’m interested to hear your responses.



Do You Fall Under One Of These 16 College Students? I Want To Know [infographic]

I saw this infographic earlier and thought I would share it with you all. It reflects on the people you’re most likely to find at College and it made me giggle so I thought, sod it, see if I’m not the only one who have seen these people at school and ask you to comment below.

I remember when I was at college, God that feels like time ago, I was 16 and trying to be really cool. I wasn’t. I was a total doofus that no one could remember my name and thought on my first day of college, I could try and be somewhat cool by wearing thee most unflattering bright pink baggy trousers. I was known to the whole college and anyone who lived within close range of the campus as Pink Trousie Girl. That was my name. Beautiful… hey? I thought I was seriously cool. People knew me as that and instead of bothering to learn my name, a nice and easy ‘Dannii,’ Pink Trousie Girl was here to stay.

Looking back, I can see why no one bothered to learn my name. They were a seriously unattractive pair of trousers that I had spent a stupid amount of my money on to sweep the streets of Hounslow in. Beauty at its best. They were bright pink. You know, the sort of pink that in the pitch black darkness of the night, I would be stopped like a blinking bicycle safety person. They had these tassels that hung down from both leg sides and pockets, you’d think that I was into bondage and would tie myself up for the fun of it. I can’t think for the life of me why they were there in the first place. I spent most of my first year trying to sow the bastard things back on or safety pinning them into a new layer of clothing I had to attach for all the rips I was getting in them on a monthly basis. From no one knowing my name or anyone bothering to accept who I was, I was a bit of a loner. I had a few friends at the college but they had their group of friends and my new fame from the trousers didn’t help my popularity rating so I became friends with the dark, cool and individual crowd. You know the ones who have their own unique style. They’re not part of any clothes-wearing group but they are part of the drama group or moody bunch but look much older than they are and are actually pretty cool.


I think my only claim to being any sort of cool was when people actually started wearing the monstrous trousers in public after Liberty X and Britney Spears wore them in some video. I like to claim and hand-over-my-heart feel that the people of Isleworth and Hounslow wore the trousers because of me. I’m clearly still a loser.

The below infographic annoyingly doesn’t have the student type group I fell under but the 16 that are mentioned below are given a clap because they are true. So well done E Campus for the infographic.

Which college student do you fall or under or did at school, I want to know :]

Sod The New Year’s Resolutions. This Year It’s All About ME!

It’s 2013 and every person I speak to is banging on about their New Year’s resolutions. It’s that time of year where we all promise ourselves we’re going to do something good with ourselves and join that gym to shift those extra pounds we piled on over Xmas or give up booze to save money. Does anyone actually stick to it? Who can honestly admit they’ve ever actually stuck to a New Year’s resolution for longer than an hour, day, week, month or a whole year? Who? I’d love to meet you.


I’m seriously intrigued. Because I think the only thing I’ve stuck to without fail is this no smoking lark because, well, my health forbids it and cracking onto nearly 2 whole months without those cancer sticks (as my Mum loves to call them) is as close as I’ll ever get to a resolution I’ve actually stuck too. I’ve spoken to 6 people in the past week who insisted they’d give up smoking and have so far smoked their weight in cigarettes because this week doesn’t count and they’ll start afresh next week because well January doesn’t really count does it? What a load of baloney. Give over mate, you won’t stop for a while now.

Who actually sticks to their resolutions? Who says, I will succeed no matter what anyone says? A friend said yesterday she’s given up alcohol because Xmas was expensive. She’s not ‘drunk’ for 5 days but she works in a pub and if it’s a special occasion, one drink won’t hurt. Erm ok. Yesterday wasn’t a special occasion but a JD and coke felt like a great idea at the time. Yes that makes sense. Confused? Me too.

After eating our weight in turkey, mince pies and chocolate, every person across the world vows they will spend the New Year losing weight. We all say we want to get rid of the Santa Claus midriff, Kim Kardashian butt and get in shape to a new younger looking healthier you. But who sticks to it?

Who gets off their ass and joins a gym as soon as Christmas is over? Who wants to lift dumbbells, run 5k on that running machine thingy majig and do 200 press ups a day? It comes as no surprise that we all want to get fit and be healthy. Of course losing that extra stodge is a must after over indulging over the Christmas period but according to a study 95% of Brits will actually stick to part of it. What a surprise. Losing weight, keeping fit and being healthy are almost certainly the top New Years resolutions people vow to stick to but almost certainly give up within a few weeks and waste thousands on that gym membership they end up swapping for that episode of Eastenders for.

According to a new survey it was revealed that Brits are amongst one of the unhealthiest nations in the world. A shocking quarter of us are obese, while British women are among the fattest in Europe. Crikey, we better get our asses in gear and waddle up to the gym now.

I’m not sticking to any resolutions this year. I’ve stopped smoking and I have goals I’d like to aim for but if I don’t complete them, oh well. I’m not going to scream and shout and cause a fuss about it. But I will focus 2013 on having fun. Isn’t that what life is about?