Do You Fall Under One Of These 16 College Students? I Want To Know [infographic]

I saw this infographic earlier and thought I would share it with you all. It reflects on the people you’re most likely to find at College and it made me giggle so I thought, sod it, see if I’m not the only one who have seen these people at school and ask you to comment below.

I remember when I was at college, God that feels like time ago, I was 16 and trying to be really cool. I wasn’t. I was a total doofus that no one could remember my name and thought on my first day of college, I could try and be somewhat cool by wearing thee most unflattering bright pink baggy trousers. I was known to the whole college and anyone who lived within close range of the campus as Pink Trousie Girl. That was my name. Beautiful… hey? I thought I was seriously cool. People knew me as that and instead of bothering to learn my name, a nice and easy ‘Dannii,’ Pink Trousie Girl was here to stay.

Looking back, I can see why no one bothered to learn my name. They were a seriously unattractive pair of trousers that I had spent a stupid amount of my money on to sweep the streets of Hounslow in. Beauty at its best. They were bright pink. You know, the sort of pink that in the pitch black darkness of the night, I would be stopped like a blinking bicycle safety person. They had these tassels that hung down from both leg sides and pockets, you’d think that I was into bondage and would tie myself up for the fun of it. I can’t think for the life of me why they were there in the first place. I spent most of my first year trying to sow the bastard things back on or safety pinning them into a new layer of clothing I had to attach for all the rips I was getting in them on a monthly basis. From no one knowing my name or anyone bothering to accept who I was, I was a bit of a loner. I had a few friends at the college but they had their group of friends and my new fame from the trousers didn’t help my popularity rating so I became friends with the dark, cool and individual crowd. You know the ones who have their own unique style. They’re not part of any clothes-wearing group but they are part of the drama group or moody bunch but look much older than they are and are actually pretty cool.


I think my only claim to being any sort of cool was when people actually started wearing the monstrous trousers in public after Liberty X and Britney Spears wore them in some video. I like to claim and hand-over-my-heart feel that the people of Isleworth and Hounslow wore the trousers because of me. I’m clearly still a loser.

The below infographic annoyingly doesn’t have the student type group I fell under but the 16 that are mentioned below are given a clap because they are true. So well done E Campus for the infographic.

Which college student do you fall or under or did at school, I want to know :]


Sod The New Year’s Resolutions. This Year It’s All About ME!

It’s 2013 and every person I speak to is banging on about their New Year’s resolutions. It’s that time of year where we all promise ourselves we’re going to do something good with ourselves and join that gym to shift those extra pounds we piled on over Xmas or give up booze to save money. Does anyone actually stick to it? Who can honestly admit they’ve ever actually stuck to a New Year’s resolution for longer than an hour, day, week, month or a whole year? Who? I’d love to meet you.


I’m seriously intrigued. Because I think the only thing I’ve stuck to without fail is this no smoking lark because, well, my health forbids it and cracking onto nearly 2 whole months without those cancer sticks (as my Mum loves to call them) is as close as I’ll ever get to a resolution I’ve actually stuck too. I’ve spoken to 6 people in the past week who insisted they’d give up smoking and have so far smoked their weight in cigarettes because this week doesn’t count and they’ll start afresh next week because well January doesn’t really count does it? What a load of baloney. Give over mate, you won’t stop for a while now.

Who actually sticks to their resolutions? Who says, I will succeed no matter what anyone says? A friend said yesterday she’s given up alcohol because Xmas was expensive. She’s not ‘drunk’ for 5 days but she works in a pub and if it’s a special occasion, one drink won’t hurt. Erm ok. Yesterday wasn’t a special occasion but a JD and coke felt like a great idea at the time. Yes that makes sense. Confused? Me too.

After eating our weight in turkey, mince pies and chocolate, every person across the world vows they will spend the New Year losing weight. We all say we want to get rid of the Santa Claus midriff, Kim Kardashian butt and get in shape to a new younger looking healthier you. But who sticks to it?

Who gets off their ass and joins a gym as soon as Christmas is over? Who wants to lift dumbbells, run 5k on that running machine thingy majig and do 200 press ups a day? It comes as no surprise that we all want to get fit and be healthy. Of course losing that extra stodge is a must after over indulging over the Christmas period but according to a study 95% of Brits will actually stick to part of it. What a surprise. Losing weight, keeping fit and being healthy are almost certainly the top New Years resolutions people vow to stick to but almost certainly give up within a few weeks and waste thousands on that gym membership they end up swapping for that episode of Eastenders for.

According to a new survey it was revealed that Brits are amongst one of the unhealthiest nations in the world. A shocking quarter of us are obese, while British women are among the fattest in Europe. Crikey, we better get our asses in gear and waddle up to the gym now.

I’m not sticking to any resolutions this year. I’ve stopped smoking and I have goals I’d like to aim for but if I don’t complete them, oh well. I’m not going to scream and shout and cause a fuss about it. But I will focus 2013 on having fun. Isn’t that what life is about?

What Would You Do To Make Quick Cash?

Everyone loves money. You need money to survive. To pay rent, the bills, travel, clothes, food, socializing. The list is endless. Money is a peculiar thing that life seems to be centred around. You need money to buy things, both necessities and desirables. It is the drive for money and lust for material goods that has left the population without money, the banks facing serious questions and politicians revising budgets. With many jobs unavailable, people who are capable of working find it hard finding a job because a lot of employers (many I’ve come across as well) are bloody fussy when it comes to taking people on board. With more and more people getting into debt and a closed job market it seems that the economic factors affecting people in the UK are drawing them into a black hole. As many say, money makes the world go round. But to what extreme would you go to to get or make money? Some people do the most craziest things.We’ve all looked into quick and easy ways to earn money, but most of us use our common sense and morals in deciding what is an acceptable risk.  Most common ways of making money can be from Pyramid schemesgambling, selling your unwanted stuff or get a payday loan-which most of the time can end in debt.

You’ve probably seen in the paper in the last few days about a woman from New Zealandwho is strapped for cash has taken the drastic action of auctioning off her bottom. Tina Beznec posted an advert titled ‘YOUR Tattoo on my Bum!!’ on New Zealand auction site Amazingly 111,396 views by bidders offering up to $11,000 New Zealand Dollars to help her reach her goal. Thanks to being made redundant twice in the past year Beznec has decided upon quick money making schemes to pay off her debts, rent and other necessities to the highest bidder.

“To be quite honest I am so happy with it as it is right now,” Ms Beznec said.

“The bidders at the moment all appear to be businesses or advertising agencies and I feel very confident that they aren’t going to do anything racist, I don’t care if it’s a swear word or something like that.”

However, if it is a bit distasteful she will go ahead with the tattoo.

“It has crossed my mind a bit and I guess if it does come down to it I will do it, I’m not going to pull out.”

People were quick to criticise the 23-year-old for her unusual auction, which went live on Wednesday.

“Class. Some people just don’t have it,” one reader commented.

Others were supportive of her cause: “Good on you ! Far better than moaning about your situation, getting on with it to find a solution. Don’t listen to the negative feedback, they’re probably just old and wrinkly with nothing better to do.” 20% of the highest bid will in fact go to charity of the winner’s choice. Iget her need to want to make money quick but tattooing her backside for cash seems like an oddball decision. It’s permanent and just so random. What would you do to raise cash, that’s totally out of this world? Can you beat this and go one step further?