My Top Only Fools and Horses Moments

My God, I love a good episode of classic TV and us Brits have delighted TV screens with brilliant comedy for decades now, with most people admitting, no one can do good comedy gold like the British. John Sullivan, the genius creator of the hit family show produced a lovable family that the country and world adored.  Mixing laughter, drama, family life, tears and compassion about an every-day family living in Peckham, Saff Landan struggling to make ends meet, facing the toughest of challenges on a daily/weekly/yearly basis, was a winner with all. Without a doubt, one of, if not, my favourite British comedies of all time, even with the funniest and most lovable characters around.

Here’s my top Only Fools and Horses moments since the beginning, not in any particular order, as they were all so brilliant.

Trigger’s Broom from ‘Heroes and Villains’ (1996)

Everyones gotta love Trigger. In all honestly you’d never think there would be someone out there who could be like that but I have met some equally as stupid as Roger Lloyd’s character.

In one of the funniest and sweetest of classic scenes, Trigger claims that he’s had his road sweeper’s broom for 20 years. But then adds that the broom has had 17 new heads and 14 hands.

“How can it be the same bloody broom then?” asks Sid the café owner. Trigger produces a picture of him and his broom and asks: “what more proof do you need?”

Cwying from ‘Stage Fright’ (1991)

A hilarious cameo from Philip Pope saw this episode feature Tony Angelino, a rubbish singer with a speech impediment sing cabaret for local villian Eugene Macarthy. It’s hard not to laugh at the ‘cwying’ performance loved by most.

The Blow Up Dolls from ‘Danger UXD’ (1989)

Following up from previous disastrous consignments, you’d think Del would have learnt his lesson by now, but clearly not. After receiving a consignment of dolls, these aren’t quite what he was expecting. Instead of the dolls favoured and loved by children, the dolls are of a larger size, more of the naughty adult type. The self-inflating plastic doll seems to be more of a life-threatening hazard than originally thought, with much laughter and explosive giggles to follow.

Batman & Robin from ‘Heroes and Villians’ (1996)

Who can forget the 1996 Christmas special that saw Del and  Rodney dress up as Batman & Robin, running through the streets of Peckham, even preventing a mugging, dressed as the lovable action heroes.

“I’d like to start the bidding at £150,000” from ‘Time on our hands’ (1996)

After what seems like eternity, 16 years later of hard luck, poverty, upset, crying and laughter, the Trotters discover an antique watch in their garage worth millions, changing their luck for all.

“My name is Rodney” from ‘Homesick’ (1983)

Rodney finally asks the question we’ve all been thinking of, why on earth does Trigger call him ‘Dave’. Seems it’s not as simple as we had thought.

Rodney: “Trig, why do you call me Dave? My name’s Rodney.”

Trigger: Are you sure?

Rodney: I’ve looked it up on my passport and birth certificate and everything. It’s definitely Rodney.

Trigger: So what’s Dave? A nickname, like?

It takes some convincing but Trigger concedes that he’s going to have to get used to calling Rodney, ‘Rodney’ from now on. Before promptly calling him Dave again.

The Chandelier from ‘A Touch of Glass’ (1982)

Always one to make sure he can hit things far beyond his actual skillset, this delightful episode sees Delboy royally fucking just about everything up, taking up chandelier cleaning as his forte on his long-list of professional services. On a chance encounter with Lady Ridgemere, Del offers up his services as a chandelier cleaner. I sure don’t need to explain what happens next, only masterminds can predict the hilarious outcome that is to come.

Del falls through the bar from ‘Yuppie Love’ (1989)

Without a doubt, one of the funniest scenes from OFAH. Del’s new yuppy sense of style makes him think he is on par with the rich and posh, when this cracker of a scene seems this happen. If you haven’t seen it, watch it now.

These are my favourite episodes, have I missed any out? If so, comment below.